free books

18 Sep

london 8.38am 15.5C sunday 2016

i still get a frisson of joy when i see books lying around for the taking , free. coming from malaysia, growing up in it where books are expensive and good english books are hard to come by, it is a real joy to be able to just pick up books for the taking. i pass by the recycling bins in my housing estate and saw load of books scattered around. there is a bin for recycled books but i think the people who left these wanted others to pick up and read them. i saw this two that i like. the tom holt one is unusual. i did not know he wrote historical novels. this must be an early book. i have read a bit of it, and it is very well written. the writing flows well. 

its a far cry from the 3 booker prize shortlist books that i am ploughing through now, and finding it hard going. hot milk, deborah levy; David Szalay, All That Man Is; Madeleine Thien, Do Not Say We Have Nothing. 



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