france bans disposable cups

20 Sep

london 19C cloudy tuesday 2016

i was talking of ttip, the trade agreement with america, and their insistence that US companies can sue govts in europe if they enact laws that cost their business to be curtailed. well this morning i read that france has passed a law banning plastic cups. and immediately it is being challenged , this time it is  a trades body representing food packing companies doing the sueing.

But Pack2GoEurope, which represents Europe’s leading food-packaging manufactures, said the ruling goes against the EU’s free movement of goods law.

of course u could say ‘well, ttip wont worsen things, because the EU itself can sue each other. ttip just means usa companies can now join in. haha. and maybe if they have a trade agreement with canada, canada companies can also join the party. haha. and so something that is really going to help the environment and wild life, esp sea life, by banning plastic cups can be chopped off before it is born. perhaps the french can take a leaf out of the uk ‘s book, by imposing a cost onto each plastic cup instead of banning it outright; like uk did with the plastic bags. that seems to be the kind of language businesses understand, and they wont sue if u do that. 

a 5p cost on it,(perhaps more) would do just an effective  a job of it than any legislation. it changed people’s behaviour. if biodegradable cups are exempt from the charge, it would immediately cause more of those cups to come onto the market. but it is important that the imposition  of a cost onto disposable cups must be done to very careful specifications. because it is not the cups that are at fault but the plastic coating that is put on it to make it waterproof. so paper cups with this plastic lining should be specifically included in the extra charge. i fear it might be too finicky for it to work. to make it so specific can easily lead to the manufacturers by -passing it and using something else that is just as bad but not included in the ban. maybe it is why the uk govt did not deal with the cups the same way as they dealt with the plastic shopping bags. 

these disposable cups are really a bane. it is one of the reasons why i dont buy coffee or any drink from these places. i used to bring my own porcelain cup … when my gym gives away free coffee to its members and instead of using their plastic cups i bring my own cup. in fact, there was a time when the manager saw me going so regularly there and drinking the coffee before my workout that he gave me a cup of my own… rather nice of him , i thought. unfortunately i accidentally broke it.

it was those days when the gym really gives u a full service , with saunas, and steam rooms and jacuzzis as well as fully equiped gym. of course i was paying something like £30 or £40 a month for the priviledge. unlike nowadays when u get a basic gym , no frills but u pay only £20 a month.

but i can see it is a big ask to expect  everyone to carry around a cup of their own. which means they have to clean it too. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

quite a nice looking ikea cup. i found it on the street.

actually i just remembered something. starbucks allows u to use your own cup and reduce the price too… it is not generally known, the company dont put much advertising to tell u of it. maybe that is why not many people bring their own cup, either that or it is so much bother to bring your own cup , nobody does. 


2 Responses to “france bans disposable cups”

  1. MELewis Thursday September 22, 2016 at 9:34 am #

    I agree with you that a ban does not make sense. Alas, I fear it is the French way to make many complicated rules that no one can live by. A tax on plastic or a tax break on paper cups would make much more sense!

    • alifesgayventure Thursday September 22, 2016 at 10:59 am #

      or a huge reduction in price if u bring your own cup. like that cafe in spain that charges double if u dont say please. here u get charged double if u dont bring your own cup. would it work, i wonder?

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