25 Sep

london 8.50pm dry 16C sunday 2016

i was looking at the light given out by the table lamp, and it occurred to me that it is a beautiful soft light. it is the only light in the room and is the one in use to light up my lounge every night. its got a really nice engraved brass stand, which i bought ages ago in a car boot sale. at one time it was the rage, where a field is hired and people spread out their unwanted stuff to sell. it was all very cheap in those days before people realise it is a good business and put in serious pricing. i think it cost £20 , quite high i thought but a friend from spain told me he can make it work. it has all the attachments to make a lamp stand. i think if he did not encourage me i would not have bought it but now i got it i like it. 




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