28 Sep

london 7.35pm wednesday 2016 20.2C dry

quite a warm day even now when the sun has long set. . and it has  not dropped a lot from the high of 23.9C  at about 3.45pm. not sure how accurate this reading is, because that high is really high for sept. though looking at the graph it only touched that high for just a few mins. so is not really typical.

i only went out once, and that was to the library today. and i went there late in the day at about 3.30pm. and the kids were finishing school so they were everywhere clogging up the pavement. now the library is full of kids and the school year has well and truly begun. haha. i used to go early in the morning to the library to read the papers, but the news are not very interesting these days and so i did not feel the urge to go out first thing to the library.

it has meant my habit has changed. now i hang around the flat till late and that means no more fighting with others to read the papers. when i arrived at the library no one else is reading them and i have them all to myself. even then, i tend to go through them very quickly as so much of it is just fit to skim over.

also i am exploring the website for older guys. i have decided to pay the subscription, $50 for a years membership. it was all done online and very easily and effortlessly. no glitches or anything. and i get instant access to all the premium benefits.

what kicked me to do it was because i found out by accident that there is a hidden benefit that they did not mention. and that is we can go and have private webcam chats with individuals in the chat room. u can broadcast your webcam if u want, where all can see, but this function of private webcam is really great. before , the people i was chatting with  always ask me to skype them, but i cannot get skype on my chromebook. and anyway it involves coming out of the website and entering skype which i dont really want to do. so this way it is better all round. ah well, it does make things more interesting in my life now, with this new website to explore and make contacts. its rather good being gay, quite a big gay world out there that caters to us gays especially. 

and i am still able to reenter my kindle account and able to download free kindle books. its interesting, that. they (kindle people) wont let me enter that  account ,it refused to accept my password; and when i called them to clear it, they wont accept me. i dont remember why.  but by some quirk, if i go there and click start a new account, but put the exact same info like the old account, right down to the same password, i get the account back with all my downloaded books … rather good that. hope they dont change it and block me again. haha. i have been reading the sci fi novels. i think i can say that sci fi is my genre of choice. haha.





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