power of tech

4 Oct

london 8.17am 15.8C sunny tuesday 2016

it seems yesterday the early morning was a cold spell, 2C in guildford, but in london 8C. personally i did not notice it in my flat and only knew of it because the weather forecast on tv mentioned it. there was cloud cover this morning so the temp did not drop as low. it was 12C early on. and with the sun coming up it rose up abruptly to 15.8C like now.

i got a overspill feed in my wordpress reader and read this post ‘the godlike powers of tech’ about how the smartphone has changed the world. i was asking earlier in another post what is so good about the smartphone. it certainly answered it.

it seems it is inertia that made me resist wanting to change. i guess i too will one day succumb to smartphones and use it instead of a chromebook. just as i have moved from a pc to a chrome book. i think it is allready happening now.

my main gripe about smartphones is its small screen and difficult to touch type on it. many smartphones now can throw it onto a big tv screen, and portable keyboards connected by wireless tech can mean not having to have a keyboard fixed to the device. so i can envisage a time when i will move to a smartphone. and it will be a short step to a wearable smartphone, a smartwatch perhaps. 

Digital StillCamera

detail of the bark of the london plane tree that is planted on the roadside.

added. 3.32pm 19.5C. yesterday at midnite stanstead airport was crowded with returning passengers , 5000 of them all landing from 2plane loads. this was reported in today’s newspapers. must be 2 cheap flights coming in at about the same time and carrying all those who went away in sept and wanting to return now. well for those of us who are staying , it makes us glad we decided to stay in uk and not going on holiday. haha. we need reminding how awful travelling for leisure can be,treated like cattle really. 

my friends have gone off on their holiday yesterday. but i dont think they were caught in this , as they were leaving the country and on earlier flights.

one went to torrevieja, spain, to stay with a british friend who has bought a flat there intending to live there all year, but finding the summers too hot and so going there in winter instead. i would be interested in his report of what he finds there. 

the other two went off to gran canaria in the canary islands.

it is actually logical to take the holidays now, as the flights will be cheaper and not so crowded. and i hope they would have bought their holiday money, because today the £ dropped to its lowest for 3yrs. £1 =1.14euros. almost on par if u consider that tourist rates are always worse. ah well, those tourists who are here in uk must be glad that their holiday here is even cheaper. 

all the more reason to have a staycation for those of us who dont fancy paying the higher prices for a european holiday.

added 5.09pm, i see my google calendar has alerted me to the turner exhibition free entry today. or rather pay what u like, but the minimum is 1p. it applies every tuesday. till 2.1.17. u can get quite a quirky art for the contenders to this prize. i remember one time it was blinking ceiling lights … like it was going to fuse… call that art!! haha. 


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