charging a fee for service

5 Oct

london 2.16am 15C night dry wednesday 2016

i seem to be very awake and could not sleep even though i tried to. so i decided to just read the news online instead. and found this article about how if you google  visas and renewing driving license fees, google will  take you to bogus sites that pretend to be the  govt official sites and that charge u a lot more than the govt fees.

well, i know that actually. and in fact, recently my friend used one of them to get his indian visitors visa. he had to use them because when he tried to do it on his own, he got rejected. so i guess u could say they did serve a purpose there for him. and they did manage to get him his visa just in time to go, as he had allready booked his flight. so i guess u cannot say they are all bad. haha. esp when so many old people dont really know how to use the internet and get it all wrong and need help. no one will help them if not for these websites that will do it for a fee.

the article accuse the websites of being bogus, but really they might be doing some a great service. at first when i read the article i too got to thinking how come these people are allowed to operate such websites, cheating users , until i remembered my friend, and he was helped by them. so they do provide a needed service. in other words, it is not black and white , these websites may  not all be bad. 



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