selling water

6 Oct

london 7.52am 12C cloudy thursday 2016

i saw an article in the guardian this morning about how water has become big business. i have noticed a lot of coconut water drinks on the supermarket shelves of course, and had wondered is there enough coconuts to produce that much water to sell in cardboard containers. they look like milk cartons. i daresay someone will put them in plastic bottles to sell as water. £4 for a litre for the pure coconut water. presumably from the coconut shell. others with 5% coconut water cost half the price. i dont understand the rationale of that coconut flavoured water. might be better to just add the artificial flavour from chemicals. 

the article mentions someone is marketting water in a can. it can be resealed and that might please those who dont like plastic bottles littering the world. whatever will they think of next. i used to buy into the hype and buy bottled water myself. that was long ago when i was more foolish than now. haha. but there is a constant supply of naive youngsters coming into the world waiting to be snapped up by water entrepreneurs wanting to sell them water. talk about selling them a bridge. haha. it is the modern equivalent of it. people forget that u can get the image simply by refilling your designer branded water bottle with tap water and flash it around like you are a celebrity. haha. you get the same effect at no cost at all. in fact at one time i used to carry around with me one brand of bottle by a wellknown manufacterer because i like the mechanism they put on their bottle cap. its a very neat design. but i googled them just now and found out they have changed their bottle top design. haha.

a lot of commenters castigate people for buying these bottled water, but i think it is just as well for our economy that there are people willing to pay. after all, the economy depands on buying and selling and the circulation of money. without it there is no profits to be taxed and revenue for the state. 

one day i guess they will bottle air and sell it. i have a feeling that so many buy airconditioners nowadays not only to cool the air, but also they believe that it purifies the outside air, removing particulates and smells. it is just a small step to invent one that removes the chemicals and micro pollutants as well. perhaps by spraying a fine mist , or let it run through a fine mist chamber, that should dissolve a lot of stuff out. as cities gets more polluted, this might well happen. and it is a logical progression to piping in compressed air produced by someone who can see the demand for such clean air.

that small plaque next to that tree is to commemorate the pear tree being planted

more pics showing the pear tree. and more covers on the pavements. no fruits on the tree.

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