7 Oct

london 5.32pm 16.3C friday 2016

i was at the charing cross library, decided to go there hoping to find one of the chicken toys that byron said they are hiding in the area, round their restaurant there, this weekend. if u find it, u can get a free burger from them.  a promotion to publicise that they are having a new addition to their menu… a chicken burger.

they are a beef burger upmarket place, but it seems they are muscling in on kfc chicken market. did not find any though. 

whilst at the library i saw today’s metro newspaper, and in it an advert for 10p black coffee at timberyard, a coffee place near seven dials. and the daily mirror has a voucher for free frozen mccain roast potatoes 800mg.

i got my 10p black coffee, they have milk lying around so u can have it white if u want. there was a lady handing out vials of gunpowder. when told that was what it was, i could not help blurting out who would want to eat that? obviously you are not meant to say that. haha.

i could stay there and use their wifi, but it was too hot inside, so  took the drink to the seven dials column where u can sit out the open air. it  was nice to sit there , even though there was no sun. 

saw a black man in a suit and a hat there, supposed to look like a mafia man, who was wearing a sandwich board advertising the 10p coffee. i got chatting to him, and he asked me do you know what it is promoting? i said is it the coffee place, to commemorate their anniversary? he said no, it is to introduce the maxi mafia 3, a computer game. he says it cost a cheap £60 to buy the game.i laughed and said oh i would not call it cheap, but maybe guys in your generation would think so. in fact, i did say to him i wonder why it was not mentioned in the brochure or the advert in metro that the maxi 3 was a video game. there was no url link in the flyer or in the advert. i thought it was the name of the coffee place, though its address was timberyard… well i thought it was in a cul de sac there called timberyard… like neal’s yard. i think their advert could be more incisive. it is not obvious what it was advertising. there was no one in the coffee shop to link to the video game. later another man joined him, also dressed smartly like him. i asked does he get to keep the suit, no he said, have to give it back. it fitted him very nicely. 

 he gave me the link in youtube, mafia 3 trailer. and i got online there  and saw the trailer. but of course i could not play the game, it was only for information about what it is about; as it wont work in my chrome book. u need an xbox or a computer. i admit i am not a big fan of computer games. so cannot say how good it is. he said it was a bit like grand theft auto. now that one i have heard about, that it was very good and very popular. 

well it was pleasant chatting to him, and eating my home made egg sandwich.

he said he will be going off on holiday to hongkong 3days only, staying with a friend, then flying off to bangkok, chiangmai and pattaya. 3 weeks. why the weird itinerary? i asked, he said well he wanted to end the holiday with lying on the beach. haha.

whilst chatting we were approach by two guys one carrying a camera, and they said they are taking photos of londoners with smiling faces. so they ask him to pose. i said he is perfect for it, as the guy really has beautiful teeth and very healthy gums, it looks very nice, and as a ex dentist, i can really appreciate nice teeth and gums. the guys offered a drink in a can, it was sparkling water with some flavour, and called ugly. what a strange name for a brand. haha. it was a fizzy drink but the flavours did not come through. at least i did not notice it. i ahve drunk these flavoured drinks in the past but it was still water and the flavour can be tasted and can be really very nice. giving u a hint of whatever fruit they say. it is all artificial of course but very nice actually. i can see anyone other than me being addicted to it.  but this one hasn’t got the flavour. just a citric taste. 

i forgot about the mccain roast potatoes voucher , and remembered only at about 6pm when i was at home.  so i took the bus c10 to the co-op branch at lower marsh st, and luckily there were still some packs there in their frozen cabinet and got it. its best to go quick even though it is valid over the weekend; otherwise it might all be sold out.

the assistant was serving 2 chinese guys before me. and when it was my turn she said in chinese ni how… i just chuckled as i dont know mandarin. and afterwards she said thank you in chinese. it costs £2.09 in that co-op. it was a new product that is why they are giving this voucher to promote it. 


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