10 Oct

london 11.25am 13.4C sunny monday 2016

i was walking back from the library just now, and pass two men , very smartly dressed near the tube station. i was about to pass them without pausing, when i noticed one of them had this stitched to his jacket. it was bouygues. i have often seen it, on some construction site, and have wondered how it was pronounced. so i asked him and he said ‘boo gies’. i said ‘really?’ and could not help laughing, and was still chuckling all the way back home. i had thought i was mischievous in pronouncing it bogeys, but it seems it really is pronounced that way. to me, bogeys are the name used for the dried snot that comes out of your nose. but it is also a golfing word.

actually the company is french and very successful. it was named after the founder’s surname. on googling it i find it has its london headquarters near me, next to a student accommodation high rise at the south end of westminster bridge.  in fact i pass by it on my way to the iceland and co-op in lower marsh st. but never realise it. there are no signs with the name of the company outside that building. they keep a low profile.

the student high rise looks very modern and i thought it must be quite nice to stay there. but googling it i find it is owned by urbanest, who owns a lot of other student accommodations all over london. i read the comments and it is not so good. haha. they charge £300 a week. cheapest is £199 a week.  i wonder there are students who can afford it. 

added 4.42pm 13.8C cloudy . i received the morrisons £5 voucher that i asked for in the dailymail points accumulation promotion. i have been playing it for a long time, and get a £5 voucher every 2months. this time i asked for morrisons, and went there this afternoon to buy a chicken. their £5 for 2.4kg chicken has sold out, so i got the 1.45kg for £3. and whilst there i thought i shall use up the rest of the voucher by buying 2 packs of their basic instant coffee at 58p each, (used to be 50p) and then got carried away and bought 5doughnuts with custard insides for 50p and ‘nice’ biscuits for 40p. it is free money that is why i spend it like crazy. haha.

funny really , but i guess pschologically it is like i dont have to be responsible when i spend it. it is to be used for frivolous things. though even then my frugal nature still insist that i spend most of it on really useful stuff… it is hard to overcome  frugal habits and a frugal mindset  of a lifetime.  that is why i am convinced that there is no point my buying lottery tickets, because i doubt i will be any happier if i win. my frugal nature will i think miss the fun i get from being frugal.  i get a lot of fun out of being frugal. perhaps it is hard for others to believe that haha.  and i dont think i shall get any happier if i can suddenly get to spend like crazy. 

added 11.15pm 9.1C dry. i cooked the chicken in the oven, and also the frozen mccain roast potatoes that i got free from that promotional voucher. the potatoes came out quite nice actually, crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. so i think if i were an ordinary consumer, i might buy them rather than do the potatoes from scratch. i myself will not buy them though as i still prefer to cook my potatoes from raw, even though it never turns out as nice as these. haha. but i dont mind really. to me it will do. ( i am too lazy to peel them, boil them and fluff them out before i coat them in lard and roast them. the lard makes them crisp i think, but i dont fancy eating lard. )

simon ate them and seem to like them , because he ate a lot of the chicken and almost all the potatoes. the chicken also came out very nice, still moist and tender,and cooked through and through. i only cooked it for 1hr)not overcooked in other words. it is easy to overcook it, as so many are so scared of having raw chicken bits of it raw and uncooked that they play safe and keep it cooking in the oven for longer than necessary and as a result of which, it comes out dry and hard.



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