older cars to be charged in london , cheap flights

12 Oct

london 11.58am 15.9C cloudybright wednesday 2016

they keep saying london air is polluted. i cant see it, literally see it i mean, because the air dont look dirty. so i guess they must mean chemical pollution.

this morning i got this circular via an email asking me for my opinion . they want to impose a charge for any vehicles cominginto london that is 10yrs old or older. and extend the zone charged , and add a extra charge for heavy goods vehicles. hmm, i dont have a car, but simon has, i wonder if his car is over 10yrs old. it is quite a expense if he has to buy a newer car  just to escape this charge, if it is implemented. ah well, i suppose they want to discourage old car users. or rather they just want to discourage people from driving in london. you can see the logic of it, because a big city especially london dont really need more drivers coming into it, when public transport is so good.

then i read in the local newspaper, the westminster and city news, that restaurants are being squeezed out of central london by rocketting rents. all because they use the benchmark of what rent to charge by what is most recent, and this would be superrestaurants chains like 5 guys or shake shack, who can afford the high rents charged for prime locations, and this raises the rents for the others. well, i remember chinatown restaurants were complaining of this too. and no one is championing them. so i guess we shall see more restaurants closing to be replaced by chains, and costs of the menu items just increasing.

the thing is tourists dont really mind, or they dont know any better. or they have to eat out so what to do. haha put it down to the cost of being a tourist. and now with the £ being cheap for them, they dont-mind even less, to the detriment of the locals who want to eat out. what it means is the poor locals will just have to suck it up, or eat out less, or go to cheaper joints like burgerking, or eat at the street food pop ups (where u can get a nice meal for £5). come to think of it, london do have a huge range of prices for eating out, and a huge range of food choices from all over the world; so in that sense it is very competitive. the streetfood pop ups play a big part in that , i think. london is copying the street stalls in s.e.asian countries like bangkok , malaysia. it is genuinely street stalls, along the streets. unlike in malaysia or singapore where street stalls dont exist anymore, they are all collected in food courts now. the use of disposable paper plates and cutlery have negated the need to wash dishes etc. 

i suppose we cannot complain really, it is part and parcel of the cut and thrust of a free market. in fact, without it there would be no eating places at all, if u dont make it possible to adjust to the market so that these guys can make money. if they make a loss, they will soon go out of business. maybe what the local restaurants are complaining is that they make less profits if their rents increase. 

added. i just saw an advert in the telegraph, malaysiaairlines.com offering £399 to kl.no credit card charges too, and 30kg luggage allowance.  closing date 31 oct. for travel up to may 2017. that is the cheapest fare i have seen. i wonder if that applies for malaysians travelling here. that would be a bargain for them, what with the £ so low. i tried with a flight in may17, and it was true, there is availability , total came to £402 for a flight 24may to 20june17. hmm, tempting, but not for me, though would be worth it for a malaysian wanting to visit london, if it is possible to get this fare from kl to london.

the advert is in conjunction with liverpool fc. it seems they are partners . is something happening in the football world at liverpool fc from now till may2017 that would make a liverpool fc fan from malaysia want to visit uk?

added. 7pm 13.9C dry . i am now getting adverts appearing on my screen saying £475 rtn lon-kl. so why is that? have all the £399 rtn fares sold out? just as well i am not interested in going there. added. it looks like a different advert, for one thing, it expires 15oct, and travel before june2017. so the telegraph advert might be the newest one offering this cheaper fare. well, even though low, it is still £400 , so one must ask is it worth it to spend all that just to be able to eat nasi lemak, or laksa in kl. haha. ah well, if i have my parents still alive in kl, i would go back for a visit. 

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