lots of foreign news happening

15 Oct

london 11.48am saturday 2016 cloudy 14.2C

3.30pm 17.1C sunny/cloudy

things are v quiet in london, though not so in paris, there pictures in today’s online daily mail show migrants sleeping in the streets altering the whole character of how we like to think of paris, the romantic city. before and after pictures taken by someone with a hidden camera shows the aftermath of a police clearance of the area.  it is no wonder the person who took the pictures is not sympathetic. it looks like a post apocalyptic city.  

the dailymail online coverage is much more interesting than its printed newspaper today. it also shows an article about the tribute service for the 86 who died in the bastille day massacre.

and an article about the effect of shutting down of the red light districts in thailand as a result of the death of the king of thailand. it looks very eerie, all shut like that. to those of us used to seeing lights and noise and brashness and vibrant activity associated with the nightlife in bangkok, it looks weird….  it is not a good time to be a tourist there . the moaning mourning will last for a year. for a month no alcohol to be served and no festive making.

the death has affected even london, there was a thai food festival that was supposed to go on friday in spitalfields and it was cancelled.

this guy in thailand on twitter has listed all the festivals that are cancelled because of this death. 


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