life is nice

16 Oct

london 9.44am light rain 14.1C sunday 2016

10.02pm 14.3C rather mild day, though it has been lightly raining.

usually or so they say, people switch on the heating on 18th oct. but it is so mild now, i dont think it is necessary. at least not in london.

the mornings are dark. sunrise is 7.26am today . and the clocks are changing very late this year. so that means we will be getting very late sunrises for another 2wks or so,  the sunrise will be later and later till it might be 8am or near there before the clocks going back kicks it to 1 hr early .

it is dark when i wake up. it is slightly lighter in the evening. but most of the time i am indoors at that time, and so only when i happen to be in my bedroom and looking out of the window do i notice it. whereas i do notice it being dark in the mornings. 

the news is rather warning of price rises later this year because of the weak £.it might make people anxious that their food bill may rise. but i dont think there is much to worry about if u stick to basic foodstuff and dont get caught up in being brand conscious. and buying fresh foods will at least keep the bill down as it does not attract VAT. that is 20% cheaper just like that. 

they are saying clothes will go up, so u might like to buy some more socks. haha. at least that is what i shall be doing. socks always seem to go missing; and of course the petrol will rise too.

petrol always goes up quicker than it goes down. that is why i dont have a car, so i dont have to buy petrol. in that way whenever i see a price hike in the price when i pass a petrol station, i just laugh. i have escape being a slave to them.

of course, transport costs by businesses will be passed on to us the customers but i dont buy many things that everyone seem to want, just dont want it myself, that i doubt i shall be much affected. 



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