we live in uncertain times now

18 Oct

london 4.30pm 13.5C sunny tuesday 2016

12.3C 6.25pm dusk, dry . just been over the vauxhall bridge to the tesco to buy a chicken. it is still good value £1.99/kg. so it is in the oven now. roast chicken is one of the joys of life. haha. i am roasting carrots too. and i shall have peas with it. i got the frozen peas at the same time as the chicken. quite good price .69p for 900mg.

i saw they were selling cooked roast chickens in the store for £6. they might reduce it by half later on in the evening, but i cannot wait and also by cooking it myself i get a roast chicken for £3, and a bigger chicken too. it is really so easy to roast chicken in your own oven.

the papers are full of dire prophecy about brexit. i guess people just dont really know the full extant of what will happen to eu and uk. i suppose a lot of remainers must be lamenting why we want to rock the boat by leaving. they will i think in future come to realise the eu is a sinking boat and we have got out in time.

we were tied to the euro, at least the markets view us that way, and we were over priced. i know, it seems contradictory to say that. you might well angrily say how dare u say that at £1.30 to the euro the £ is overpriced. it is. the uk have been living beyond its means and sooner or later there will be a reckoning.   this devaluation of the £ is a correction that is long overdue. and luckily for us we still have the £, and it can go down and save us that way instead of the other way , to impose austerity and cutting back and balancing the budget. 

the euro i think is overpriced as well, but the markets have not realised it yet. once they realise it is a sinking currency it will drop like a stone. that is my prediction for what it is worth. haha. remember, i might be wrong, and it will all turn out worse than i thought. who knows really. 

ah well, like all those forecasts of a cold dry winter, we shall just have  to see how it pans out , won’t we?


 the papers are also warning of a third world war. not i hasten to add because of our brexit, but something about syria and america and russia. i thought they had signed an agreement to work together but it seems it did not work out. but why it should escalate to a world war 3 is something i could not understand. lets hope they realise that neither of them can afford a world war and back down. isis will really be laughing if those two start killing each other, and let isis off the hook.

and then there is all the uncertainty of a trump presidency. or even a clinton one. 

thomas cubitt, statue, opposite the pimlico library.

One Response to “we live in uncertain times now”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday October 19, 2016 at 2:07 pm #

    Troubling times ahead indeed

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