trees are being trimmed now

21 Oct

london 9.11pm 11.4C dry night friday 2016

before and after shots, one day between them. looks like someone with a very bad haircut. haha.

it’s that time of year again, for the trees to be trimmed. i think they do it every 2yrs, though i think this one has not been trimmed for some time hence so bushy the growth. the tree next door has been trimmed allready, and this company obviously feel that leaving a length of twigs is better than cutting it all off right to the branch. i myelf am not sure how much good it does. i dont think it makes any difference , the leaves grow just as fast or as slow. i have a feeling that it makes the chainsaw cutter’s job easier. just one stroke cuts it off, whilst if he cuts it nearer the tree branch, he has to do 2 or 3 cuts. 

in the past they use to do this trimming job in winter, when there are no leaves on the tree. but i think they must have realise that by doing it now, they can have more control of when to do it, rather than hang around waiting for the leaves to grow brown and fall off… doing it now also means few leaves to sweep up later. i am sure the road sweepers must thank them for it. makes their job easier. but will it stop the trees from storing food from the leaves? as it is the leaves are still green so full of nutrients. cutting the branches now means all that nutrients in the leaves are lost to the tree. 



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