handbags, and statues

22 Oct

london 3.05pm 15.1C saturday 2016

i was on the way to the library, and always pass through parliament square on the bus. this time the bus was stopped at the square, and i saw a large crowd of tourists being addressed by a guide at the base of this statue… it was then i noticed this abraham statue looks like the one in washington dc. or rather the one in washington was sitting on the chair, this one is standing by the chair. well, i know of that statue of abraham lincoln in washington, i have seen it once myself when i visited there years ago;  but what was more firmly fixed in my memory was seeing it with ape features from the film planet of the apes, one of the sequels, where mark wahlberg was swept up to the ape  planet earth and landed in washington. strange i pass by that statue all the time but only now noticed it. ah well, not the first time these statues go by unnoticed by us londoners who live here. haha. 


i also took a picture of this shop window in regent st. it seems to be selling only handbags… and the thought cross my mind can u make a big business out of selling just handbags? and this shops says yes you can. haha. such is the beauty of these niche shops, selling very high end goods… handbags and shoes seem to be lucrative things to sell. 


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