mixed up monday with sunday

23 Oct

london 3.07pm 13.5C sunday 2016 sunny

this morning i went to the newsagents and was surprised to see a lot of mail on sunday newspapers, when it was monday. i was wondering how come there were so many of yesterday’s sunday papers and wondering if they had some problems with the delivery of today’s paper,  when a lady pushing a pram with a child on it came up and took a paper from the pile and i said to her , it is sunday’s paper, i wonder why there is no monday’s paper. and she said well mondays paper will come when it is monday won’t it? and then it occurred to me that today is a sunday not a monday. she realised my mistake too and said laughingly it is one of those days.

i made the mistake because i have a wall calendar which i have to strike off with each passing day, and this morning i did not see saturday was not struck off , so i struck off sunday and pencilled in monday instead. well, i am thinking now a walled calendar linked to the internet of things would be very useful now. it would automatically change the date at midnight.

i have never come to this tesco store on the weekends, so am really surprised that they order so many of the daily mail on sunday papers. so many that they pile it up at the base of the news shelves. it costs £1.50, more than the usual daily weekdays ones, yet it must be very popular. i wonder why, because the mail on sunday is not really very good. lots of adverts. in fact the whole second half of it is adverts.

( so many that i would just turn the pages rapidly  when i get to that section… and this east european guy sitting next to me in the library , who was sleeping complained loudly in his language which i did not understand but guessed he was complaining about the noise i make… he was using his hands to show turning the pages and grumbling in his language about it.)

sigh, i get a bit irritated when someone complains about the noise of turning pages but i guess i too get irritated if i hear it from someone else so i guess it would provoke complaints from those who are not so tolerant as me. haha.

it is one of those things that being in a public place u have to tolerate. that is the price u pay for reading the papers in a library (or in the case of that east european for sleeping in the library) instead of in the privacy of your own home and having your own paper which no one else has touched. if you are bothered with it , u should buy your own paper, or in the case of that sleeping foreigner to go home and sleep, so that is why i try to tolerate all these irritations from other people. i just console myself by saying quietly, hell is other people haha and move off to find another empty seat far from him.

 it does irritate me when there are all these people sleeping in the library but there again, one must accept them and try not to let it bother u too much. at least this guy is not snoring, as some of them do, and so loudly too. 

the saturday daily mail paper is more full of news, and have a good tv guide, what’s more, something i appreciate very much and in my opinion it has the best tv guide ever… ah well, i shall never know why people buy some papers on some days more than others.

what is new today  the library i go to, to read the sunday papers have got rid of the sunday telegraph and stock the mail on sunday instead. they still keep the sunday times. that is interesting because in normal days  they get the weekend and saturday mail papers but not the mail on sundays. 

i went into the kitchen just now and to my surprise i saw another frying pan being soaked in the sink. so i came back to the living room and ask simon has he bought another frying pan. i could not stop laughing about it. the chap has been trying to get the perfect frying pan.he wants one that keeps its non stick properties. but they all lose it. i dont have problems with it, so it must be him. and he uses hell of a lot of oil too… but it still sticks, so it just have got to be him.

i would have liked him to buy some sauce pans that will work with our induction stove, but he said they are expensive, and yet buying all these frying pans, this is the third one … he could easily have spent enough money to have bought those steel saucepans.

now i wish i had not bought the ikea knapsack, which i got with the £5 voucher they gave me. it cost £7, so i had to fork out £2 of my own money. at that time i saw a set of steel saucepans also on sale in ikea , of the right sizes too, selling for £6. now i wish i got them instead.

i have stopped using the ikea knapsack too, as it is too big for me and am using a old bag that was the cover for a sleeping bag but just the right size. 

2 Responses to “mixed up monday with sunday”

  1. Sarah M Sunday October 23, 2016 at 5:01 pm #

    well people who work all week maybe only have time on sunday to read the papers and that’s why there are always so many. Mail on Sunday caters to a very specific demographic I think. So maybe it depends where you go to how many of them you find.
    I can’t remember the last time I bought a real copy of a newspaper.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday October 23, 2016 at 5:14 pm #

      hmm, this tesco expressmarket is near the churchill housing estate pimlico. the rest of the week it only has about 6or7 copies of the daily mail, the other papers too have the same number or even less, ( no financial times or sun… surprisingly but maybe i should not be always thought council tenants like the sun but maybe i should not generalise and stereotype) and always thought middle class type like the daily mail; but today,a huge pile of mail on sunday on the floor; whilst the other papers are still the same number.

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