a typical day

24 Oct

london 5.56pm 13.5C cloudy. not completely dark even though sunset is 5.47pm but there is twilight in these latitudes. monday 2016

if we had the clocks set back on sunday yesterday,ie if summertime ends yesterday;  now would be 6.57pm it is confusing, i dont really know what time it would be. i know sunset would be at 4.47pm. instead we had an hour of daylight. not that i used it wisely. haha.

i was inside the flat and did not look out of it all that time. and i had the tv on so did not notice it was getting dark. now i had switched off the tv, since there was nothing interesting on it, and i now notice it is getting dark in the flat. and the estate lights on the buildings have come on. there was nothing to indicate sunset. it was cloudy so the sunset was unnoticed. if it was not cloudy the sunset would have shone the light right into the flat, or at least lit up the high rise building across from me and that would draw some attention. as it is, this is a typical day, with the sunset gone without anyone noticing.

people at work inside their offices will be even less aware of this sunsetting. they will just come out of their office building after work to a dark night, and plod their way to the train stations or tube stations. another day gone. even now i can see a few of them walking pass from my kitchen window. the start of the exodus. i think most offices close by 6pm. the rush will be around 5.30pm.

i think, to most this will be another monday, another working day gone, and time to head for home and dinner. most people dont hang around town on monday. it is a mild day actually. hardly any wind, and so quite warm.

most would stop by the supermarket next to the train station to buy a ready meal to heat up when they get home for a fast meal.  i saw a video of a chap cooking rice with a tomato inside the rice pot. and it turned out quite delicious, he said. so u can see, if u like rice, this is a quick way of cooking dinner when u come back tired from the office and hungry. no need to buy an expensive ready meal. i might try it some time.

i found this rice and tomato video whilst looking at bobby vee’s taking care of my baby 1961. i have heard this song being played on the radio when i was growing up. did not realise it was sung by him. he died today at 73yrs. how many of us remember the 60s? i was in my teens so dont really remember much of it. also i was growing up in a small town called muar, and was absorbed in my own world, roaming with my dog for company and exploring  along the estuary of the muar river with its  overgrown swamps of mangroves. looking at the comments this chap mentioned this song , i hear this song a lot growing up, did not know it was one of his. its strange how i can remember these songs, and yet i never remember when or where i heard them. they must have been played on the radio and i just heard and remembered them without consciously doing so.



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