changes in the weather

29 Oct

london 6.01pm 16C night saturday 2016. so warm , must be some kind of record surely. this oct may turn out to be the warmest ever


Oct. 29, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time 7:49 AM BST 5:38 PM BST

today is the last day that we follow summertime; before we see the clocks go back to gmt tomorrow and the end of summer time in uk. sunrise was quite late this morning. but it is warm. its cloudy all day and yet the temperature have been hovering between 14.8C and 16.8C. and this covers dawn till now.

usually i expect it to be low temperatures around dawn, but not today. it is lovely all these quirks that seem to contradict what should  normally  be  a cold temperature front coming down from the north. for us weather watchers it is something to talk about.

all this variety and changes makes for a fun time and it happens every time of the year too, so it kind of keeps us busy with weather chat all year round. there is always something going on with the weather whatever time of year it happens to be.

and we have great satisfaction making these observations to people we meet and getting their input as well. sometimes to my surprise too, when i read in a blog with that person saying how cold it is in their area, or in their house. it pulls me up short, that there are people not feeling the warm weather like i do. it almost seems as if they dont live in the same london as i do. and have slipped into a parallel universe where their london  is colder than mine.  i remember looking up where that blog is located and saw it was london and thinking it must be  london ontario (i think there is a london there) or london usa. until i read further and realise that, that person lives near crystal palace. haha somewhere in south london. 

taken a few days ago when it was a nicer day than today.

added. 10.18pm 13.8C dry . i have changed my clocks just now. it is a bit early to be doing that, as the clocks dont officially change until 2am next morning. but i cannot stay awake just to do that, so decided to change them now by putting them back by 1 hr.

i only have 4 clocks to change manually in my flat. the other two gadgets , the tv, and this chrome book change themselves automatically. come to think of it, i wonder how they change big ben, its such a huge clock. perhaps they just stop the pendulum for an hour. that would be the easiest way to change it. in spring, when they must move the clock forwards, that must be more of an effort. 


2 Responses to “changes in the weather”

  1. Sarah M Sunday October 30, 2016 at 5:01 am #

    Ah how British. What would we do without the weather, eh? Might have to have a real conversation with somebody about something that actually matters instead of small talk about how cold it is. And Crystal Palace is cold. Constantly.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday October 30, 2016 at 8:00 am #

      that’s what i like about the british. they got their priorities right. the weather, that is what actually matters. haha. its important and also is small talk. so perfect really as a subject to talk about. and crystal palace, is it always cold because it is on a hill?? and look it is foggy out there this morning. 7.58am after the clocks changed. first fog of the year. i could not see hide tower from my bedroom window. and everything is so quiet.

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