price of wine in uk and in france

29 Oct

london 9.09am 15C cloudy saturday 2016. such a mild weather we are having. some high pressure hanging around and preventing the cold north wind from coming down south.

wine prices here in uk has always got me puzzled why it is so much more expensive here than in france or spain. i mean u can get £1.50 ( maybe a bit more now that our £ has dropped) bottles of wine there, and it seems very drinkable. not that i know of course, seeing i dont know my wine at all, and they all taste rather bitter to me. haha. well i happen to come across this post talking about the price here vs france, and it is the duty that the british govt imposed on the wine. £2 plus vat. so £2.41 ( will be more now , that post was in 2014) straight away on a bottle before it is even on sale. no wonder no bottle can be bought for less here.

just to check, i went into lidl online just now to find out what is the cheapest wine they got. it is a white wine, £6.49 for a reisling ernest wein, alsace 2015. cant say i know what it is except it is a white wine. ( correction, the cheapest is £4.79 ribeiro casal de rio,spain2015; this one pedro jimenez 2013 £3.99 even got a good review in 2015 but possible with our low £ now u cannot get it at that price now) i can remember u can get cheapest wine for about £4. not any more it seems. still can… just, though the quality of wine u can buy with it now as opposed to those long ago days may be different.i suppose one good thing about it is that it might make someone less likely to become alcoholic, if the wine is so expensive here. if wine is £1.50 a bottle, it is tempting to drink a lot of it, and that will ruin your liver before u know it.

i have to say all those names in french gives it a mighty sounding resonance to it all, and makes anyone holding a glass of it, and sprouting it sound learned and clever and sophisticated. its a nice image. 


2 Responses to “price of wine in uk and in france”

  1. Sarah M Sunday October 30, 2016 at 4:57 am #

    One of many reasons why many ex pat Brits abroad drift into Alcoholism

    • alifesgayventure Sunday October 30, 2016 at 8:07 am #

      it seems they need no excuse even here in uk. many old people are alcoholics it seems. too much time and money on their hands. and they can hold their liquour, so they dont fall down drunk, and make a fuss, so many drift into it without realising and some wont even believe it when the doctor tells them.

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