31 Oct

london 1.21pm 21.4C (that cant be right!!) monday 2016 marylebone library

they did say today’s temperature will be as high as 17C but it seems to be higher than that if these figures of 21.4C is correct. it certainly feels very warm in this library. it is because they have got the heating on.

i saw today’s daily mail on the desk, and there was someone’s credit card holder underneath it. i asked the person sitting next to me if it was his. it wasnot. have a look at it below.

its quite a nice looking thing,leather look, and the day pass seems quite expensive £25.70. i wonder whether that person had to pay another fare for that day if he left this behind and find out he has no ticket for the return journey. on the other hand, there were no credit or business cards on the folders. so it might be this is an old item that has not been used for ages. anyway it is so old fashioned, who carries around business cards with them these days? and to put all your credit cards in one holder is asking them all to be stolen at one go. in fact no one has taken this holder, all the time it has been lying about the library. which is telling. even i myself am not going to take it. haha of course i just thought of it, a thief might have mugged someone or stole it from someone as long ago as 21st oct, 10days ago,  and had gone to the library to get online and try to buy things using the credit cards there. quite possible. it is so easy to order things online with credit cards, as they never ask for proof of ownership and u cannot sign for it either. 

added. 3.16pm 20.9C sunny. i went to chinatown to buy black soya sauce. the usual brand , pearl river, that i buy has gone up by 20p from £1.35 but i saw lee kum kee  black soya sauce being on sale for £1.25 for 500ml, so i bought it instead. as far as i am concerned they are all the same as long as it is black soya sauce and not light soya sauce. hard to tell from reading the ingredients . but i think there is less soybeans in the leekumkee. the pearl river brand says it has 24% , but the lee kum kee do not say it at all, just saying soya sauce 30%… i opened it and it has a thick consistency, rather like the black soya sauce i remember from my childhood. whereas the pearl river brand has a watery sauce. well, i shall try it and see if i can notice any difference. i might even get to like it , who knows. one wonders how they get that dark caramelised look. do they add some kind of colouring agent i wonder? growing up as kids in a chinese household we are used to seeing and using soya sauce. we never ask how it is made, but i gather it is rather a smelly process and involve mouldy stuff. people say if u ever see how it is made, u will never eat it. haha. i wont be surprised, a lot of things look horrible if u see it being made. 

added. 6.25pm 8.6C dry night wednesday 2.11.16 . i have used the leekumkee black soya sauce. it is actually very nice, has a sweet caramalised taste that brings back nostalgic memories taste of black soya sauce like in my childhood. 

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