disadvantage of being rich

4 Nov

london 1.23pm 10.9C rain friday 2016

my doorbell rang and as is my custom before i buzz them in, i went to look at who is calling at the front door of this block of flats. i open the window in the landing to look out and saw this young guy carrying a parcel , looking like he is a delivery person. so i let him in and he went to the flat above me to post the parcel. but i was thinking if he is living there with some person who is renting it out on bnb, and has not got the entry key to the door to the flats, he could pretend he is delivering a parcel and get entry that way. no one would let him in if he has not got this excuse. 

no one would question him too closely really nor wait to see he has left the building after delivering the parcel. certainly i did not do so, even though it did cross my mind that he might be someone who lives there who have not got a front door passkey to the block.

so that is something to bear in mind , those who are renting flats in a block and are subletting it out to others. i think as long as people dont make any noise and are discreet, no one will complain really.

but the caution is for those who are renting it at present.previous renters  might have got spare keys made and who can then gain entry and use the key to get into this rented flat while the present tenants are out, and rob those people while they are out.

people who rent flats should really be aware of these dangers. it might help if the flat have a safe deposit, whose numbers can be changed by the owner. but then it would require a lot more organisation than a landowner would care to bother with. but perhaps if u are robbed u might be thankful that they rob u while u are away, and so dont have to undergo the fear and stress of being actually held captive by these robbers. 

as we have seen with kim kardasian, the really wealthy will have people actually gaining entry even if the occupants are at home and forcefully rob them. perhaps it is no wonder the really rich stay at expensive hotels where the security will be very strong and it would be difficult for these robbers to come in. so the cost of the expensive hotel rooms include security, which must be worth a lot to these rich people and may well make it worthwhile to pay all that money to the hotel. 

i wonder if a flat is rented out in bnb, it might be a good idea that instead of keys for the front door  they install a security lock that operates with numbers , that way the numbers can be changed with every rental, and no one can get in at other times when the flat is not being rented out. if it is a furnished flat, u might have someone make spare keys and coming back later to rob the place, or rob the new tenants. 

makes u glad that u are not rich isn’t it? at least u wont be the target of such people. 


Digital StillCamera

a vast difference in how long they last. the tea which costs £1.50 lasts me 8months, whilst the coffee which costs 58p lasts me only 3wks. in fact i find tea the most economical drink. it costs even less if i were to buy the supermarket loose tea that they fill the tea bags with. the tea bags costs a lot more than the loose tea. i happen to go into the local shops in pimlico, selling halal foods, and i saw they sell a whole lot of teas with spices in them. one with cardamon. i wonder if they would taste of the tea tarik that we get in malaysia’s mamak stalls. i think they put cinnamon and cloves and aniseed in them. so far i have not seen any tea here with those mixed herbs.

3 Responses to “disadvantage of being rich”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday November 4, 2016 at 2:40 pm #

    You are right on sub letting or bnb. Digital locks or really change the locks to stay safe. Coffee and tea is so cheap there!

    • alifesgayventure Friday November 4, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

      i have not considered this aspect of it myself until this chap came and it made me think of the ramifications. the safest way to sublet is if u stay in the flat also and rent out just a spareroom. even then, it is best u dont keep valuable things in the open.
      even what happened to kim kardasian did not make me realise the dangers of renting out these flats. it must make every rich person thinking of doing what she did think twice and then decide against it, and go stay in a hotel instead.
      i dont know about coffee being cheap, i mean this coffee is really basic coffee, not to everyones’ taste. and as for the tea, i make two pots water for every teaspoonful of loose tea. i like my tea weak. for someone who likes milk and suger in their tea, this will be too weak. but u can see how cost of living can be so different for each person.

      • Garfield Hug Friday November 4, 2016 at 3:41 pm #

        Being frugal is always good! An Asian value that is worthy to keep in my view😊

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