found things

5 Nov

london 4.07pm 8.6C cloudy saturday 2016

i havent found many things recently so i am right happy that these few days i have found quite a lot of things. the kettle and kitchen stuff i found this morning on my way to the library in marylebone. someone have left it near the recycling bins.  there were a set of frying pans and saucepans too but i did not take them as i got a lot of those allready. the saucepans did not look like they are stainless steel otherwise i would take them as i am looking for them for my induction stove. that flat dish i shall use as a butter dish, to replace the one i broke. i got the cover for it. though when i put them together, i found the cover was too big for it. we have been using the margarine container in the background for our butter. the margarine container may not look all that great but it is actually quite useful for that.

this morning i saw there was a broken up mannequin in our estate recycling bins. it was  a woman mannequin , with detachable arms and torso and slim legs standing upright. and there was another mannequin but minus its torso and arms. a man was looking at them and he began to put one torso in his car boot.he asked me if i want them,  i told him, no, you can have them and dont forget her arms. hmm, if it were of a man, i might keep the torso. haha. 

the kettle works and will come in useful when our old one conks out. we got two but  one of our old kettles is leaking, dont know why it should do that, as we have not knocked it to the floor or anything like that. i could not find any obvious hole or anything like that to account for the leakage. and it does not leak all the time, only when i tilt it in a certain way. it is a mystery that . kettles are so useful. 

the mug i found another day lying on the ground beside the roadside. any mug with a message on it costs money. i see them being sold for £1 . this one says go greener, respect the environment. a long message that goes right round the mug. we could do with some more mugs because for some reason quite a lot of my mugs have gone. simon must have done a clear out. or he broke them. haha. they get cracked and broken very easily. its a lot of fun picking up these things for free. and very useful things they are too.

the kettle is really nice. 

added 12.1.2019. jsut to say that kettle has been replaced , cant remember exactly when but about a month or two ago. nov 18 perhaps. it still works but the lid tends to open easily, so simon bought a new one. i still keep it in my spare room as a spare, just in case we might need it again.

3 Responses to “found things”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday November 6, 2016 at 3:03 am #

    It is amazing for you to find these useful things. One man’s junk is another’s treasures is rightly said. Here the karang guni man would swipe it for $ to sell. Lucky you as things will not get wasted as recycled which is good. Loved the mug. Useful!

    • alifesgayventure Sunday November 6, 2016 at 7:49 am #

      i think people here like to change their kitchen and do a makeover so wants to get rid of perfectly good kitchen stuff to make way for the new. so what better way than to recycle. they could give it to a charity shop, but it can be a hassle to wait for the shops to open and then cart all these things there. recycling bins are so convenient. i did see a charity shop with a notice asking people to give it household goods. in fact i would not be surprised if there are people who can see the potential business and raid these recycling bins and sell their contents. there was a time when they got raided often, the clothes bin usually, which have been set up by a charity, so much so that when the charity comes to open them to collect them, the best pieces are gone.

      • Garfield Hug Sunday November 6, 2016 at 7:54 am #

        Thanks for the share 🙂

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