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7 Nov

london 10.11am 9.1C monday 2016 sunny

i saw last night’s first episode of the new planet earth 2 series. today’s daily mail review mentioned that the penguin deaths were not shown.

we only know there was a massacre because at the end of the hour they showed how the program was made.  the crew was filmed  filming the penguins and enduring difficulties in the filming;  and there a film crew mentioned there was a lot of deaths of the penguins, as a storm made it difficult for them to come ashore from their feeding and they were dashed onto the rocks by the waves; that was the only clue that there were a lot of mangled bodies as they were dashed against the rocks.

because they did not show the dead penguins, i did not realise the extent of it. now the daily mail said it was a deliberate decision not to show the dead penguins as they look too much like humans.

they showed the young marine iguanas being chased by snakes and caught and coiled by the snakes. it was quite  horrific to see the chase and the deaths. it is nature, red in tooth and claw, and nowadays nature programs do like to show them, narrating a story behind each, as it makes for good tv.

long ago when we first saw such nature programs, with the life on earth series, it was so new, that we were just happy to see the closeups and normal life of the creatures going about their daily lives.

now people are quite immune to these pretty pictures of animals, and want something more.

hence the trend to putting in drama, and a story… to heighten the tension and to make people happy when the ending shows a good outcome. but more often than not the outcome was not good. difficult to say if it is a good thing to show such things or not. if shown too often people might go away with the idea that animals can escape their fate, or that deaths of the young and eggs are quite common in nature. which is correct? i think i tend to the view that the survival rate of the young in the wild is very low. otherwise we will be swamped with over population of that species. animals always produce a lot of eggs, millions in the case of some species, and if they all survive, we will be covered in them.

and it is easy for us humans to side one species over another. just because that one looks so cute. take for eg the ants and the land crabs. there are millions of these land crabs on that island, and they make the journey to the sea to breed, but on the way they cross the territory of the ants who attack them by injecting their acid into their eyes and blind them. quite horrific to see but nature is cruel.

that is the trouble when u live in an island, there are no natural predators, it is fine if u are the only ones, and so u thrive, but once another species takes hold, they dont have enemies either and they will thrive and if u stumble upon them u will get it. 


i think that is why i dont watch so many of these nature programs nowadays. either they make that drama or they start talking of climate changes making the drought that cause the animals to die.

generally we should just hide it all, and not show it at all;  and let nature takes its course away from our judgemental eyes.  i know, people might say why hide it and not show it? though what purpose would it serve other than our prurient desire to see violence? or our constant insatiable desire to watch drama.

i think if they show it they should always at the end have a cautionary statement to say this is nature, and events shown do not cast guilt on the participants and not to take it out on them.

 the problem start when we notice it and start interfering… siding one creature against another. it is only human i guess to want to side the downtrodden , though we can be biased for the cute looking one. we humans are suckers for a pretty face.

but i think looking at all these nature programs that show each creature killing to eat… might it not make a kid looking at it feel very anxious? after all they cannot have helped noticing that so much of the deaths happen to the kids of those parents… that there is danger everywhere? no wonder they say kids these days generally feel more anxious.   it makes me a bit anxious and i am an adult. i can rationalise that such a thing happening to me is remote.  though i am hard put to hold onto that belief, when i see the next news program about humans killing each other, bombings, earthquakes, and i begin to think maybe it is not so remote being killed by nature or fellow humans after all.

 perhaps we should go back to showing animals just living their normal lives rather than try to inject drama into their lives for our entertainment. (though it will be so boring that no one will stay to watch it!) or stop watching nature programs.

or maybe just let people wonder how nice they are to eat and how to cook them. because in the end that is what it all boils down to… which ones make good eating… that is what it is all about, the food chain.

maybe after each nature program we follow that with a program showing how to cook them. haha. when i saw all those land crabs the thought did cross my mind i wonder how good are they to eat… crab meat you know. there are so many of them i am sure they can spare a few for the pot. 

One Response to “tv planet earth 2”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Monday November 7, 2016 at 11:45 am #

    Earth2, scifi 1994-1995 was one of the best space genre series ever. I was disappointed it lasted only one season.

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