i cant believe it , trump wins

9 Nov

london 1.49

this headline, trump wins, obama congratulates him in this guardian post gave me such a surprise i could not believe it. the guardian is quite sure of it, even though it is based on exit polls. are they so sure of the accuracy of their exit polls? we here in uk knows it can be false, but maybe americans are more truthful when they talk to pollsters after they voted.

i thought the huge turnout by hispanic voters will swing it for hillary. but i think i shall wait till the official results come in before i make any conclusions. but it might make people start thinking of what a trump presidency will mean to america. i am optimistic, and dont think even if he is president it necessarily mean doom and gloom. there are checks and balances with congress and the senate that will make it very difficult for him to rock the boat too much.

he can tighten immigration that is something a president can do without resort to congress. but building a wall along mexico… that might not be that easy. they allready have a fence along the border so he might strengthen that one instead.

 and i think a lot of people do not want uncontrolled borders. people have seen how not controlling your borders is really bad, just look at europe… but lets wait for the final results and know who really gets in.  

added. it is really true all the other papers are saying it.

this is the result they published. it is very quick for them to get the results. it is shocking the scale of red that swept across america. its a lot like brexit, with every expert predicting doom and gloom but it seems now he is president the armageddon scenario is not going to happen.

what is interesting is that the republicans control both the  house of representatives and the senate . that makes a republican president very powerful. such a about turn from the obama era.


2 Responses to “i cant believe it , trump wins”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 4:10 pm #

    I was surprised too as Trump led all the way and it was a likely outcome considering the sea of red! I wonder if this billionaire will make America rich again?!

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 5:27 pm #

      from here, in the uk, i got the impression that hillary was leading in the polls all the way… it just goes to show the polls got it wrong. but u said u were following the results as they came in on the night itself , and trump was leading all the way, was he? must be quite a shock to clinton and the democrats. it is quite a decisive victory for him, isn’t it? i admit i did not stay up to watch it. i think he will want to bring the jobs back to america. that is what all those voters want him to do. they see all those industries only interested in profits and moving the factories abroad and taking jobs out of usa whilst bringing the cheaply made goods back to sell to americans.

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