free pret a manger sandwich

10 Nov

london 11.53am 11.7C sunny thursday 2016

as usual i was browsing the newspapers online and saw this. it is pret giving away free sandwiches today. so  i googled their branches near me, there are two very close and went there. the first i was approaching the counter and before i could say anything, the assistant gave me a wrapped sandwich, all ready to go. i was thinking wow, that is some service.

i thanked her and on the way out i saw it was quite a cosy place and was wondering whether i should sit and eat it there. but anyway by the time i thought of it i was out the door, and paused by the outside tables and decided i shall sit there. but there was a man smoking on that table, and i looked up and saw my near neighbour sitting on the next table. so i joined him. i told him about the free sandwich and he had a coffee with him,(even offered to buy me one, but i thought i shall save him some money as i get free coffee everywhere these days. haha) and i said he could go and ask for it. but he did not want any.

he has his dog with him, and i see him often about the courtyard exercising his dog. he throws the ball to the dog using a special ball thrower, until the dog gets too tired and stop returning with the ball.

he told me that actually there is a free lunch organised by our housing estate once a month. he said i should be able to read it on the notice board in each block. i said i have not seen it. it seems it was started a few months ago. he said it is really good food, a buffet style thing where u can eat as much as u like. well, that sounds like it is for me. haha. so i shall keep an eye out for it. i must say i have not read anything about it in our notice board. ( i went downstairs to have a look at the notice board and did not see anything about this lunch. it is easy to miss the notice board as i walk by … got used to not reading anything on it. haha. but i shall make it a point to read it now that i am aware there is this lunch.)

anyway i opened the paper bag she gave me and saw it was a nice salmon sandwich, warm too. what a nice surprise. i offered it to my neighbour but he said no. though the dog would want it, as it kept nudging me. haha. i did not take a picture of the sandwich. it was on toasted bread. 

 so i ate it on the way to the next pret . haha. it was a bit salty, but then everything is salty to me. 

in the next pret i asked if i am too late for the free sandwich, and she asked her supervisor who picked up this ready packed sandwich on the counter and said will this do. of course it will do. haha beggars cannot be choosers. i think they will heat it up for you if u ask them. but anyway i did not think to ask. it did not occur to me then. i am not a regular at pret, so do not know how these things work. this pret is a smaller shop and not as spacious as the other one, which is really cosy. and the sandwich in the other shop was so much nicer than this one. so it looks like different branches of the same chain can vary in its free offer. 

Digital StillCamera

anyway i am home now and writing this, it did occur to me while writing this to put that sandwich in the microwave and see if it will do. it is much nicer heated up.

it is fun to live in london and get these freebies. granted they are not necessary, because in the end, i prefer my own cooking because it is not salty.  but still anything that is free is nice to have.

i was thinking people who are not online must miss quite a lot. i get these free offers online. either i get to find out they are there, or i am emailed with info about them.

on the other hand, those who roam the streets get to pick up things from recyling bins. i do both, so i think i got the best of both worlds.

i was at the sainsburys and was looking at their newspaper shelves and all the papers show full page photo of trump. i have been reading about him all day yesterday, and for a moment i thought why are the newspapers full of old news? i forgot that it is new news as far as the newspapers are concerned.  to see the papers today with their front pages full of his face and full page stories about him make me realise that newspapers have stopped being the first bringer of news nowadays. with the internet we get the news first fresh from the time it is happening.

in the sainsbury i looked out of their glass window and saw a goods van outside, with it sides fully down exposing the insides with its stacks  of produce. when i got out i saw it was a tesco van, and i couldnt help remarking jokingly to the man unloading it saying what is a tesco van doing outside a sainsbury shop? he said he was delivering produce to some one who lives above the shop. hmm, i wonder if that would be the hallmark of life in these times, order online to have your shopping delivered even though u live right above the supermarket… haha. 

added 2.49pm got an email just now from waitrose. before i read it i guessed it is about the free coffee… and sure enough, it is. 

Our myWaitrose free tea and coffee offer is one of the ways we thank our customers for shopping with us – and we want all our customers to be able to enjoy a free hot drink when they shop with us in our branches.

From 21 November, we’ll simply be asking myWaitrose members at a small number of shops, including Pimlico, to make a purchase* before collecting their cup at the checkout.

i was expecting them to do it, and so they have. 



2 Responses to “free pret a manger sandwich”

  1. ihp000 Friday November 11, 2016 at 12:38 am #

    Yes, I read somewhere about the free coffee from Waitrose in the UK. That’s nice.

    And to comment on your wine blog, I recall buying very drinkable bottles of wine for GBP4 or under up until I left the UK in 2008. Ot you could buy 3 bottles for GBP10.

    • alifesgayventure Friday November 11, 2016 at 1:15 am #

      before the email notice, we could get the free coffee without needing to buy anything. that was truly a generous offer, with no strings attached. but it is understandable that they cannot continue with it. that is why they now ask us to buy something. so far they have not specified a minimum purchase. i expect it will come. and i have a feeling that the free coffee will be withdrawn one day, perhaps soon. it must cost them a bomb to pay for all that free coffee that they give out everyday.
      i saw a tv program, ross kemps britain just now about how many people in uk are becoming alcoholics because of these cheap booze being sold in supermarkets. so even now when booze is more expensive than in the past, it is still not expensive enough to stop people drinking. it puzzles me why europeans are not more alcoholics, we dont hear of it, of how they are dying of alcohol induced diseases. how do they do it? their wines are so much cheaper and yet they dont become alcoholics , or they dont die of liver disease from alcohol poisoning.
      unless alcoholism is a big problem in europe but they dont talk about it.

      but we dont hear of europeans getting drunk and having to go to the accident and emergency dept in hospitals in europe. it is british people who are featured if ever they have a tv program about it. like a program called benidorm A&E, which interviews those who are there and they are all british.

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