daily mail is not that bad really

12 Nov

london 2.19pm 10.5C drizzle saturday 2016 marylebone library

i have said that the newspapers are all having the same news stories, and mimicking the internet in its sameness, but this morning i was reading the daily mail and it has a few scoops that the others dont have. one about a mother buying baby milk, another about a grandmother being jailed for defying the secretive family court.  

and then there are those asking lego to stop advertising or linking  with the daily mail to giveaway free lego toys; because they object to the mail’s reportage of those children who are allowed to come to uk who look like adults and other immigration issues saying the daily mail is  racist for doing so. well, that is the usual accusation when these things occur.

yet i think it perfectly reasonable to ask that the children taken in are really children and not adults otherwise we shall put at risk carers and children who mix with these ‘children’ who are really adults. that is why i think those asking to boycott the daily mail are wrong. they are trying to censor articles about immigration, and trying to say all those people are refugees. nothing could be further from the truth. why they cannot say vet those illegally entering the country to make sure they are genuine refugees, and send the rest back. it seems the common sense thing to do , dont u agree? 

like now i read of a article saying the authorities did not prosecute those who abort their female babies, for fear of being called racists. 

the uk gets itself all in a twist trying to not appear to be racists, when we should condemn such  barbaric practises, (like getting rid of girl children from being born, or circumcision/genital multilation), that custom or religion make them do it to their children. no one says anything against it simply because it is their religion or custom and u are not supposed to object to someone’s religious beliefs or custom. talking of killing girl foetuses , i can understand why people consider abortion on demand is in the same category. killing unborn babies just because u dont want them. when there is contraception to prevent it, women who use abortion as a form of birth control are taking advantage of the abortion laws that allow abortion on demand. 

it is the same with the rochester asian gang of child groomers. the authorities overlooked their activities,or dare not pursue them for fear of being accused of being racists. 

i read of that tesco bank being hacked and accounts have money taken away… and i dont hear of any of the newspapers writing outrage articles condeming tesco about it, and yet when talk talk got hacked there was this huge anger and blaming. why is that? just because tesco bears the cost of all the money stolen they think it is allright then. it seems double standards here. 

 no one directly lost money from the talktalk hack. only a few people who foolishly gave the crooks who phoned them up with their details telling them to change their bank accounts and to transfer money to them to open another account. i dont hold a brief for the daily mail, but i can recognise that they do some good investigative stuff, as well as ask questions about immigration, and eu stuff that are not in uk interests. 

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