advent calendar freebie

13 Nov

london 2.23pm 12.8C sunny sunday 2016

i forgot today is remembrance day. only found out when the bus was stuck in victoria… and one of the passengers, in fact she had down syndrome ( so she was more savvy than us supposedly normal people which just goes to show the condition is not that bad.)told us it was due to the parade and people crowding round the war statues .

there was one at the corner of lower grosvenor gardens, (it is a two triangular patch of grass area separated by a road. the southern one being called grosvenor garden. so strange that this one is called lower. i would have called it lesser haha. notable for all the gypsies camping out there before they were cleared out.) perhaps it was named after the road.  and there was a crowd of old soldiers there. and further up at hyde park corner there was the full fledged thing, with marching bands and horses and artillery. incidentally grosvenor is pronounced grov-ner. it is the little joke that the british like to play on foreigners. either that or it is the people deliberately pronouncing it this way as a 2finger salute to the powers that be who named it. or it is just a quick way of referring to it for the lazy. haha.

after that  the coast was clear and traffic flowed easily. in the library i found a voucher in the daily mail on sunday for an advent calendar. but u have to pick it up at a tesco express store. i googled it and found the one near me. it is a very out- of -the- way store just behind the home office building and i was thinking it is very possible they will have it as i cannot imagine many people going there with their voucher. anyway i got it. haha. 

the dates are all jumbled up and it takes a bit of doing to find it. i was looking for 25th and could not find it and then i realised of course it is supposed to countdown to christmas day . it’s very small, the size of a paperback

on the way to the store, there was a huge traffic jam along the horseferry road and there were 2  pubs along that stretch of road and both were busy , with customers spilling out and they were all wearing uniform, some with rows of badges on their chest. all men … where are the women folk i wonder…?


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