planet earth 2, second episode

14 Nov

london 9.39am 10.7C cloudy monday 2016

yesterday bbc 1 showed the 2nd episode of the planet earth 2 series. what would be a range of ecology shots of various eco niches, was cleverly manipulated as drama , even hinting at rape. haha. and one reporter spotted it and made an amusing j’accuse-style  out of it. (just be aware that if u click on that dailymail report, if u stay there long enough the webpage will start a video advertisement after some time as a popup. it is no big deal, though the sudden voice coming out of your speakers can make u jump.) 

i thought that hint of a rape was a bit overdone, myself. but then it does fit in with the trending way reports take nowadays whenever sex is involved. the female was raped and never gave consent. so poor female snow leopard, she tried to save her daughter from being killed by the two male snow leopards and so she offered up her body to them. haha. when it is normal behaviour by animals when the female is on heat.

she waited two years, raising the young leopard.  and now the camera has caught her  at her time to get pregnant again.   nature has taken over and she came on heat. it is just nature’s way to say the 2 yr old young is ready to leave the nest. and the mother is ready to give birth again.  so she start making herself noticed by calling out loud , and marking the area with her urine, letting all the males for miles around know that she is ready.

if u have seen your family cat is on heat you would know that kind of behaviour, and the cats all round would come running and chase that cat and the first one catches her gets it.

 it seems strange to me that in the tv program they did not show any more scenes of the mating… nor the fight with the males … i suggest that the fight never happens. if domestic cats tells us anything, male cats dont fight each other , nor kill the kittens when a female cat is on heat.  lions in harems herds do it but these snow leopards dont have harems, they are solitary cats. 

but it all makes good tv so really cannot blame the script writers who gave that script for attenborough to voice over. perhaps we should also view our human female behaviour as part of nature… (only humans will want to bring in consent…) i would think nature’s big imperative is to get those females pregnant any old how… 


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