starting to read game of thrones series.

15 Nov

london 3.21pm 16.2C (warm today) tuesday 2016 cloudy/rain

a dull day but warm. due to a plume of warm air coming up from the south.

i am reading the first of the game of thrones series. the whole series of books is available on the shelf in my local library. i have read a bit of it long ago before it became a film, and gave up on it.

but recently i borrowed his latest book, ‘knight of the 7 kingdoms’ about a hedge knight , set about 100 yrs before the events dealt with in the game of thrones. and it was so good that i decided i shall revisit that series.

he has another book written ages ago called tuf voyaging, which i enjoyed a lot too. so he has a good record of books that i enjoy. so i am sure i shall enjoy this series. i wont bother to see the films made for tv i think. i enjoy the written words, because they give a more rounded version and allow me to use my imagination to visualise it. these are really thick books. 

it is great escapism these books and their depiction of a strange world that is a mix of periods. googling him i found he has written other books and this article mentions them. i shall keep an eye out for them. 

addd. 7.12pm 15C wet . saw this article saying google have decided to go ahead to build  their headquarters in kings cross. coming on top of facebook committing to build their headquarters in battersea power station, it seems brexit has not deterred these two internet giants from using london as their base. 

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