my new spectacles and skype chat

16 Nov

london 1.41pm library 15.4C cloudybright. wednesday 2016

i got my specs today. it costs £168.75. how strange, i searched my blog to find out the post where i mentioned i went for an eye test, but there was nothing. i did not deem it interesting enough to write about it. why i wonder? it would be a way to let people know what it is like to have a free eye test and to get measured for new spectacles.

well let me recount it now. it was about a week ago. the day before i was reading online when suddenly the upper right hand corner of the words took a step drop and that corner disappeared from my sight. i was really surprised and puzzled. i rubbed my eyes and closed it but it was still there or not there if u know what i mean. luckily after a bit, it went away and i got my usual vision back. but it did give me a turn and i decided i better get my eyes tested.

well, the test did not show anything untoward. so to this day i still do not know why my peripheral vision and only the upper right hand corner disappeared. but as usual when u go for a eye test, they expect u to get spectacles. so i got the cheapest frames i could find, £35 plus £50 for dont know what for, a lens with varifocals £60, and a luxury item , photochromatic lens, which changes with sunlight, £80. oh, i got a 25% discount  which brings the price down to a more reasonable now i am wearing them and they are allright, i suppose. 

these are my lense details.

R BTS gold 1.5 18mm TR BRN P     -1  +1  170 2

 L                ditto                                    -0.75 +0.5  0.10  2

the power is very low as u can see. but with the specs the long vision is sharper and i can make out far distance wordings. i suppose i shall use it instead of doing without and just using reading glasses for reading. it is one of the things about going old. you dont really bother that much about seeing clearly or hearing clearly. i know i am a bit deaf, maybe a lot deaf, haha, but i dont really want to bother getting hearing aid. thank goodness nowadays we can get subtitles on tv. otherwise it wont be as much fun for me to watch tv. 


one of the row of gingko biloba trees lining the street along rochester row, in westminster.  the spec frame is plastic but i prefer it, there were metal frames there to chose from but i always find that the nose rests gets twisted and digs into my face. and it always slides down my face too. whilst the plastic frames nose rest are very comfortable and fits my nose very well.

on another topic, last night i tried out the skype new feature where everyone can join in conversation. u dont have to download anything which is a boon for us chrome users. just go to and enter your name and open the conversation box. then email whoever u want to join you.

so i opened up a box, and emailed my friend who lives in slough and who have always asked me to skype him. but it takes some time for him to respond. he called me on the landline last night so i sent him another email to link with the conversation box in skype and we were able to chat, in real time. by chat i mean talk. you could type messages but it is quicker to just talk. he likes it because he dont have to use his free minutes on his phone. you are limited to one hour for those free talk. though u could just call again and get another free hour.

 i still could not get video of him or he , me. so that video function did not work … it would be nice if we can see each other.  not sure if it is because i did not switch on my webcam. i used to have a button to click on it to turn it on, but that button had disappeared from my list of chrome apps. 




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