daily telegraph paywall

17 Nov

london 1.36pm 13.7C  thursday 2016

recently i noticed the telegraph has introduced premium articles that u have to subscribe to their paper to be able to read. at first there were a lot of such articles but lately i noticed they have limited it to certain named journalists. so that makes it nicer to go to the telegraph page to read the news. before so much of it was behind a paywall, i have stopped going there to read the news. now i think they realise their mistake and is limiting the paid articles to a few of their journalists.

i found this article about it  it was dated 3nov. i found it via a guy , orblongorbit who lives in muncie. i read his comments on it . he certainly seem to keep up with british news even though he lives in such a small town in indiana. i first read his comments in the muncie article by gary younge.

the telegraph has come up with this idea to make money out of their digital website. they have a big hill to climb. people are too used to having free news. granted the idea of limiting it to carefully selected named journalists is a new idea. the catch 22 is that they might end up not being read widely and so their influence might diminish simply because few people would have read them.

i have asked myself what would  really make me pay for the news. nothing really. but i was thinking maybe if you  only allow paid subscribers to make comments and post it. now that would be an idea… it would be a privilege given only to paid up members to be able to post comments. and all those busy bodies who like the sound of their own voices may well pay to be able to continue. haha. of course u might only get those egotists who like the sound of their own voices, or get only obsessed people with pet hates, or those people who just want to advertise their stuff. haha. but at least they have paid for it. at the moment all of the news sites let anyone free to post a comment. 

added. i spoke too soon, i went into the website just now to check if they still hold off the premium articles, and see they have reinstated them, so now there are quite a lot of them peppering the website. ah well, nevermind it just means i shall not go to them that often, and they wont be my first choice.

 i can read the printed newspapers, so can compare with the websites  and i can say the printed newspapers  are not that special that i would miss not reading them. this applies to the times newspaper too. i could not read it online as it has a tight paywall, but it is not really that special when i read the printed newspapers. in fact, since i got my new specs i noticed the size of the font is so small, it makes it difficult for me to read the printed newspapers. this is so even for the telegraph newspaper and that is a broad sheet , unlike the times which is a tabloid. i thought at first they reduce the size of the newsprint because the pages are smaller. well no one else complains of the small size of the print, so i guess it is just me. old me with my poor eyesight. 

with the website , i can enlarge the font in my chrome book. in fact, since i got my new specs i noticed that the old size i use, 110 x the normal, is too small for me. i have to bring it to 125x the normal. but that size is only needed for me to read the newspapers online. writing in my blog, i can use 110 x normal.

 added. i just realise something. my blog i  used heading 3 size, and that is a large size, and even then i still have to use 110x on my chrome book to make it comfortable to read. oh dear, old age is getting to me. ah well, nevermind, old age is old age. haha. we can adjust.

and another thing, i notice it is the specs that enlarge the words. using a 1.5magnification reading glasses, the words look bigger than when i use my varifocal 2x magnification. the reading glasses act as magnifying glasses. isn’t that interesting…. 


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