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17 Nov

london 10.24am 10.2C cloudy thursday 2016

my friend in america, he lives in florida, has asked if he can come stay with me in london when he comes to visit in mar 2017. he is a brit who had gone to america so long ago that he feels more at home there than here. he was worried about the health care , as it is so expensive that falling ill can bankrupt you, but now that he is over 60 he gets medicare so that is his medical bill taken care off, so now he has stopped saying he will come back to uk. i wrote back to say he is welcome anytime. he wrote back 

In the midst of this awfulness, it’s the best piece of news I’ve had in weeks.

clinton supporters seem frightened that trump won.

this long read article in the guardian is about why middle america voted for trump. it went to muncie, indiana, and is rather a good read.  muncie was chosen by this writer not only because it has voted for bush and obama in the past, but also because in 1929 , it was chosen as representative of middle america, and was the subject of a intense 2yr study by the lynds, who treated it as though they are anthropologists studying a primitive culture.

people in the media are now trying to catch up and forge a new narrative to take into account why they got it so wrong and misread the mood of the country.

one conversation with a muncie resident  is rather telling,

Making small talk over dinner with some Republicans in Muncie, I asked one if he had any plans to visit Britain. He shook his head and said he wouldn’t feel comfortable travelling in Europe at the moment – I assumed because of the threat of terrorism. The only place he would feel safe outside of America, he continued, was Israel. (In 2014, the murder rate in Muncie was higher than in London.)

added. this is interesting.. when i first read that it had this paragraph about london. ‘he asked if it is safe to go to london seeing it has a muslim mayor and you cannot carry guns’ and then the statement of the murder rate in muncie followed. ( if u look at it , u must realise the statement about muncie having a higher murder rate than london seem rather incongruous. after all what has it got to do with israel. it only made sense if u realise that it came immediately after  that statement about london’s muslim mayor … ). i cannot find it now. so the guardian has erased that . i wonder why the guardian decided to remove that. maybe they feel it is not politically correct.  to me it is a very good quote , it gives u a very clear idea of the way people there look at life.  it is just illustrative of how a person’s own experience of his daily life  can colour his view of the world. to this guy it is normal and safe to carry a gun, and all the killings in his town is just nothing to worry as far as he is concerned because he can carry a gun to defend himself. and when killings are so commonplace it just loses its sense of horror. like people just hear of another road traffic accident deaths and just shrug it off. that is how it feels like to him, hearing of another gun killing. it is like hearing of another death from a road accident. and to hear of another country where u are not allowed to carry a gun, spells danger to him. 

added. within such a short time of my first reading that article and then trying to find that quote again, it has been erased. it makes me wonder how much the original article has been altered  by sentences being erased … or added. with everything online being able to be edited without trace , it makes u wonder how reliable is all this. can the original intent of the writer be undermined by the editor? so that the whole tone of it, or slant is completely altered to fit someone’s agenda. i am very sure i read that quote, but now that it is gone, it makes me doubt myself… and that is only a short time since it has happened. but i have a strong mind, i know what i read, and it definitely appeared, and then disappeared.

there was a photo there of a row of houses with a man in a teal jacket walking by, and i thought it showed a rich neighbourhood. but it seems it is their equivalent of council housing. such nice houses  i am thinking. pictures dont even tell the truth anymore. or rather, one town’s council house can look like rich man’s houses to me. 


I have a comment about the photo of the houses on Madison Street, with the man walking in front of them (he is in a teal jacket, wearing an old-fashioned hat) —

I live in Muncie now and I grew up in Muncie, and, as far as I know
(I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am, and my elderly relatives who also live in Muncie say that this is correct),
those houses are a part of a recently-built low-income housing scheme in one small part of the city — it’s like “council housing” in the UK.

What I am certain about is that they are not typical of the architectural style in Muncie — not the external designs, not the paint colors, not the spacing (being built in a “semi-detached”/duplex style — which is quite unusual here).

That’s fine to show, naturally! But most people in Muncie do not live in dwellings like this; they are quite unique and also quite newly-built.

that guy who commented lives there so he should know. can he be mistaken about it being council housing? it looks just too good. 


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