london centric

19 Nov

london 10.15am 7.6C sunny saturday 2016

i am beginning to find out that there are lots of advantages to living in london as opposed to living in other towns in uk.

take for eg my friend from southampton who came on a day visit to london. i told him about megabus special fares of £1 one way by train to london. what i have not realised because it has been some time since i went into the megabus online booking for those cheap fares is that they have only morning journeys from london, and afternoon journeys from those towns outside london.

so for my friend in southampton who wants to come for a day trip to london, it cannot be done. the earliest time he can get to london is a 1pm slot. and the latest time he can get back is the 2pm slot. but for me if i want to go to southampton for a day, it is perfect. there are plenty of slots in the morning to take to southampton, and plenty of late time slots in the evening to get back.

but if my friend  wants to stay over in london, it is still possible to get those £1 tickets and make the timetable work for him.  but it means staying with a friend as paying for a hotel room will negate all the reason for buying the £1 fares.

i can do that for bournemouth as i have a friend there. and he can come to stay with me in london so he can use the £1 fares at megabus if he wants to visit london. ( the strange anomaly of megabus, having trains to travel on, is something i find amusing. megabus started off as a bus only company giving £1 fares. it was bought out by a company that runs trains as well, and as a condition of its sale, it has to have these £1 fares for sale. megabus as a coach company is still in business, but i think it has stopped giving £1 fares on its routes , with these train tickets taking up the slack to fulfill the original conditions.)

but if my friend from southampton do not mind going by bus, he can take the national express bus on their cheap fare of £5 one way plus £1 booking fee. so £11 for a return. (if he time it right he can get a single fare for as low as £2.90.) the bus journey takes 3 hours though. about double the time by train. the long journey time may not be to his liking. in fact i know so. so that option of the buses is out of the me it is still quite a good option, though of course the first one of the £1 fare is the one top on my list.

well, it does seem as if everything is geared to london, and because so many make the daily commute to london, there are no cheap seats offered for travel into london in the morning. it is good for us living in london who want to go outside london. we are travelling against the flow of great demand, as there is hardly any demand for journeys out of london in the mornings.

there is another perk i found out that i have that he has not got. the freedom pass that he got which gives him free travel on the buses is only valid for off peak times in his town. he was telling me how when he made the bus journey to the train station that morning, he had to pay the fare for the bus .. £2.90 because it was peak time then. added. that is another thing, the price of the bus fare. here in london all buses are a flat rate of £1.50 for any number of journeys within one hour of the first one. and there is a daily cap of £4.40.  

my freedom pass in london gives me unlimited time of travel and not only on the buses, but on tubes, trains, trams within all london zones. whereas when he is in london, he can only get free travel on the buses. 


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