i name thee storm angus . (no it is not game of thrones).

20 Nov

london 11.32am 7C cloudy/rain sunday 2016

We are supposed to be having storm angus now. first time i heard of a named storm in the south, since they started the fashion of naming the storms. if there have been names before for a storm in the south of england, i must have missed it. (whereas it has been so common in the north it ceases to be news) so i was rather curious to see it. but the reality is … nothing … its just a rainy night. if there was any wind, (well of course there should be if they call it a storm, right? ) i have not noticed it. and i live right in that area they say will get it. so what’s up? haha. nothing. is the answer.

i think it is the way commercial concerns impinge on what in the past is just a weather forecast. they just want to sex it up. or , i have a thought, maybe they want to make it more interesting for us to talk about the weather. haha. why not after all? we here in uk like to talk about the weather… so to bring in some variety , instead of just saying ‘isn’t it cold?’ , or’ its too hot’,(thought that one is seldom used haha). there is no answer to that except to agree with it, but say oh, storm angus! and every eye lights up…

anyway i went into the daily mail and saw this headline  angry angus hits uk. 

Angry Angus hits UK: Desperate scramble to save crew from a sinking ship in the English Channel as Britain is battered by 97mph winds, rain and FIRE as forecasters warn of ‘immediate danger to life’

  • Severe flood alerts warning of immediate danger to life and a major incident declared by police in Devon 
  • Hurricane-force winds of 97mph off the coast of Brighton, with waves five metres high battering shoreline
  • 2,000 homes without power as firefighters ‘struggled to stand’ battling fire fuelled by gale force wind
  • Temperatures plummeted to -9.8°C in Loch Glascarnoch, Saturday making it the coldest night of the season

even so  there is not enough weather in the south that they have to drag in loch glascarnoch. from the name i guess it must be somewhere up north.

this one made me laugh 

Gusts of 97mph have been recorded off the coast of Brighton, with waves five foot high forcing organisers to cancel a planned 10k race along the coast.

all that preliminary about 97mph winds, and then talk of puny 5 foot waves. before in the headlines they were talking of waves 5meters high. i wonder which is which. of course there might be both. haha. and there are 3 foot waves too. hehe.

and below it they show a picture of a wave hitting the land casting spray and by making it the foreground against a light house make it appear that it is towering over the lighthouse. hehe. oh, newspapers!! you have to admire them for their ingenuity in making mountains out of molehills. any headline just to grab attention.

i suppose we should be grateful that there have not been a storm so bad that people died. so better not wish for a bad storm that kills people. here in uk, we are fortunate that we can play with headlines instead of having the real thing. 


actually that one about the loch, saying it makes it the coldest night of the season. this chart for yesterday says -18C in cardiff and a lot of other places.

Yesterday’s Extremes

Country Highs Country Lows

sum mistake shorly?


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