found thing

26 Nov

london 5.40pm 8.5C dry dark, saturday 2016

my life is very nice now.

but reading the news, i see that people are asking questions of it. like this one… whether it is ok to lie to your children about santa claus. its a fairy tale to start with, i think, but  somehow the fairy tale has crossed over into real life. so that parents instead of telling the kids it is a fairy tales  and let them know it is a fairy tale, have somehow found that their children actually believes it is real, and the parents are now reluctant to tell them no. once they perpetuate the fiction, it becomes harder and harder to tell the truth. we all know about that, if u tell a lie, you start a devious journey of more lies to cover that one and it will grow. 

another dilemma is circumcision. male ones. it started off as a way to differentiate your group from others. and it just grew and grew so that now people identify their religion with that foreskin, or lack of it. now with female genital circumcision, the modern world has come up with old practises.

 it used to be child brides are acceptible, but now that one seems to have been knocked on the head.

it used to be multiple wives are acceptible. now i wonder what the status is on that.

it used to be covering females completely,  except the eyes was acceptible. now that is being questioned. the modern world is encroaching on religious and age old  practises.

 i found this item. i dont really know what it is. i tried to google it, 

Digital StillCamera

any ideas what it is for?

google says they are cylindrical pencil cases. one wonders why anyone would like to have such a gold posh looking thing just to put pencils in it. of course, seeing i found it on the road into some mews houses in marylebone area,  its very likely it belongs to some posh kid who have these things to carry to school. haha. anyway i was thinking of using it as a bag to hang round my neck to carry my bus pass, coin box, and even pens and pencils. haha. i would prefer it a little smaller. added. i found a label inside. it is clinique. ah, so it is a make up bag.

i saw this, with a game of thrones image on it which says it is a man money bag, coin purse, as well as a pen, pencil case. the one i found looks too feminine to be a man’s money bag really.

added 12.1.2019. i still am using it after all this time. seems it is about 3yrs since i found it. it has been very useful to me. its shape makes it easy to get at the things inside. 

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