food and freezer

27 Nov

london 5.21pm 8.8C dark because sun has set. dry. sunday 2016

i stewed the duck i bought , the other one, that was last night, quite late, around midnight and then left it to cook in the hot liquid. i went to the library this morning and came back at about 3pm, and the duck must be really good, because simon had eaten quite a lot of it. haha. well that is a success. it is the first time i have cooked it this way for ages. one thing that was different was the black soya sauce, this one did not seem to darken the skin as much. usually after such a long stewing time, the whole duck is coloured dark brown. looks nicer. but not this time. i roasted the other , but it was a disappointment because it was not like what we can buy at chinatown, their roast duck is really something.

and it is not possible to replicate it with my home roasting. granted i did that cooking in a rush. ideally the duck should be air dried, then seasoned with 5 spice powder and then brushed with honey before roasting. that way u get really crisp skin. nevermind. perhaps another time.

now i got to decide how to cook the turkey . it came free, with points i collected in the daily mail. those points are redeemed for a voucher to get a free turkey anytime between now and mid december. roast turkey is quite difficult to do , if i want it to come out moist and not dry. and it takes a long time. that is why i am thinking of cutting it in half, and half stew it with soya sauce, other half make into a curry. it would be easier. but rather unimaginative. 

in the end i think chicken is the best bird to roast. it is small enough so dont have to spend ages cooking it, and it is small enough so it is easy to finish it without having so much chicken to eat for days afterwards that u get fed up of it.

ah, food is so nice dont you think? i am just so glad i dont have to stalk them for hours and even then there is no guarantee u will catch any of them. so thank goodness for farming.

and thank goodness for the fridge too. having a freezer section is a boon, can keep the meat for days to be eaten  later.

earlier this evening i was busy defrosting the freezer compartment of my fridge. normally there is a button to defrost it but it is so slow and use up electricity. so i use the old fashioned way. switch off the fridge and then just crack off the ice on the walls of the freezer compartment in lumps and chuck it into the sink. haha. 




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