just some thoughts about attitude to life

28 Nov

london 6.04pm 6.3C dark now. monday 2016

it was a sunny day today, and i got back from the library at about 1.30pm, and got a phone call on my landline from a friend who says he was feeling depressed and felt it would cheer him up to talk to me. he suggested meeting up and i said why not now, and so we met halfway between my place and his.

he lives in a place in north london where there are no tubes nearby. we both got the london pass , but he do not get the full advantage of it as his place is not served by any tube lines. he has to rely on buses only to get about. so he suggested bus 18 route, and so i said meet at the royal oak bus stop . i could normally go there by bus 36 but i decided it will be quicker if i go by tube, and it involves 3 changes of tube lines but i still got there ahead of him.

its a lovely day to walk about. and so we chatted and caught up with each others news. but it is a thing about chatting with people our age, old age is quite sad really. we do notice we are not as spritely and quick as we used to be.for one thing, it is hard to hear each other. haha. both of us are deaf and too stubborn to wear hearing aids. haha

but only if we allow it and see all the bad things about it. we should be grateful to be alive and healthy at our age. but we seldom thank ourselves for it. instead we think of the things that go wrong in our lives. in his case, it is flooding from upstairs flat onto his own flat further down below.  he does not see it as just part and parcel of owning a rental flat. its all in the attitude really.

whereas i get pleasure in all the small things. for eg, i took the tube and i found out i really enjoy doing it. normally i go everywhere by bus, but this tube journey was so quick and effortless. even though it involved 3 changes of tube lines. it was a treat. now u tell me why i dont travel everywhere by tube … after all, it is not because i cannot afford it, my pass allows me free travel in all modes of transport within london. perhaps i know how to dole out my pleasure, so that i can give myself a treat now and then on the tube just to experience the pleasure it gives me. if i do it everyday it ceases to be a pleasure and then i wont be able to get that fresh delight at taking pleasure in something.

i was reading about this guy who goes all round the world doing things like taking all the subway stations in the shortest time, and setting records. and he wants to do the tube , doing all the stations in record time. at first it did seem a bit daft, but then i was thinking, it gives him pleasure so why not?

my friend is still doing hair dressing, for rich old ladies. he said his eyesight is  going and his hands are shaking, but he can still do the hairdressing. mainly because his clients are old ladies who likes him, so dont mind his work. and he charges half the price. i wonder if the old ladies just take pity on him and continue to ask for him, just so he can get work. or that he charges half price haha.

yet he says he doesnot like servicing them because they are so demanding and always trying to get him to do work without any pay.  so maybe they just are very thrifty, or stingy, and do not like to spend money, even though many of them he says are quite wealthy widows. he has got friendly with them, so much so that they invite him to stay at their flats in south of france, where he can play bridge with them. so he is not only their hairdresser but their bridge companion as well. but i daresay they are quite demanding. 

i wonder if hairdressing is one of those professions where u can do even if u are old. this morning i went to the ageuk community hall in my area where every monday there is a woman who would cut hair for £5. it is the cheapest haircut you can get nowadays. she is a bit shaky, haha. and not used to cutting my straight chinese hair. she says so. but like i said to my friend, at my age now i dont care for style anymore, just want a short haircut, without any fuss… and since i could not cut my own hair , especially the back , i have to get someone to do it. and she will do when the back start getting too long.

also maybe she can do with the extra income, who knows. she is there every monday between 10-11am . i just managed to catch her in fact, before she left for the day.

i forgot to ask my friend if it is easy to cut men hair with a clipper. i personally think it is easy, because the barbers that i go too make it look easy, but maybe it is not easy.

simon cuts his hair bald, using a razor. i am not quite ready to go all bald yet. haha. though i am getting a lot of white hairs and have to dye them black. it is easy to do so, there is a product consisting of two tubes, u mix them by laying them side by side on a special brush they supply and then u comb your hair with that brush mixing the two tubes at the same time and apply them to your hair, then i wait a bit, usually i try to let them stay on the hair for as long as i can; and presto, the hair is black, and you then rinse it all off. easy .

i am glad i got black hair. it is easier to decide on the colour to buy.  now u know why we chinese got such black hair. it all comes out of a bottle , or two tubes. hehe. there is a lot in each tube so i can do the colouring 5-8times ( i havent really kept count) or more all for £6 which is what the tubes cost. 

added 10.39pm 3.4C ( supposed to drop to -1C at 7am tomorrow,it seems).my indoor nhs thermometer says 18C. maybe my downstairs neighbour has her heating on and it is seeping up into my flat. 

read this in some paper online. it seems tomorrow pizza express are giving away their doughballs. you just have to go to any branch and say ‘free snowball doughballs please’ . no idea what those dough balls are, but there is a branch near me, in fact several, and i shall just go and see what it is all about. 


2 Responses to “just some thoughts about attitude to life”

  1. dosirakbento Tuesday November 29, 2016 at 2:51 pm #

    My grandmother was a beautician and although she stopped working when 65 in reality it meant not taking on any new customers and she continued until none of her ladies were left. Her last ladies were even older than her, she would still wax their eyebrows etc when she was 90 and they 93! She also still charged them “old” prices and they would still tip her “old” tips, like £2 and 10pence tip or something like that.

    • alifesgayventure Tuesday November 29, 2016 at 4:03 pm #

      that is a real long life they lead. i wonder if that is the reason why they live so long. they continue to have interest in how they look and to keep old friendships. that may be the secret to a long life.

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