you cannot take photos in all uk waitrose stores.

29 Nov

london 00.46am 2.6C tuesday 2016. temperature going down as they forecast. though it still do not feel cold in my flat.

it is rather late , but i am still up because i dont feel sleepy. maybe it is the effect of the cappuccino that i had which my friend treated me to when we met earlier today. but it is like 3pm when i had it, and i cannot believe the caffeine is still working now.

still, i dont feel sleepy at all, so have been looking at the news online. and this one caught my eye. someone was told off for taking photos of champagne and whisky in a waitrose store. this surprised me, and i wondered where that store is. and read that it is a newark store. well that explains it. the website is a msn website, and with a name like newark it can only come from america. so the news is from america.  well, it really is in uk. i suppose the newark in question must be the one in nottinghamshire.

i actually thought at first it is in america, (well wont u too think so when u read a name like newark?)  and somehow i can believe only americans would cook up such an absurd company policy. or it might be a hoax.

but it actually is in uk. what made waitrose drum up such a stupid company policy i wonder? and why they never put up notices informing people of this stupid policy? does it mean you cannot take any pictures in the store, or just pictures of alcoholic drinks?


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