a nice sunny day

1 Dec

elondon 2.44pm 10.6C sunny blue sky thursday 2016

i ran out of ginger so decided to take the bus to brixton. glad i can still buy tomatoes(5 big ones) and ginger for 50p each.

yesterday i met up with old members of the lyc club. (short for long yang club). at one time it was a very busy popular club for gay guys into orientals. it was something like east meet west club for gay guys.

when i first came to london ages ago, and came out onto the scene, it was a very welcoming club , like a nursery to ease you into the gay scene. i hear in paris, and elsewhere in the world, this club is still active. but in london it has dwindled until it has shrunk to just a badminton club now.

but anyway one guy who had been very active in the group had kept old members in touch by holding informal meetups in a pub. i did not know of it until i met one of the members and he invited me to go.

yesterday i went, and it was at the montagu pyke pub in charing cross. from the outside it looks very small. i have passed it by many times never realised it is enormous inside. stretching right across the block from one street to the next one parallel to it. and a high roof. it was a night club housing the marquee, the who played there in the past. and it was a cinema at one time. now it is a weatherspoon pub.

it was nice to bring back a bit of nostalgia meeting some of the members. i could only recognise two of them, the organiser and another… who i failed to recognise until he reminded me. there were 3 other chinese guys there all of whom i dont recognise. my friend says well that is understandable as you wont be looking at the chinese guys would you? you would be busy being attracted to and being the attraction of the white guys. haha.

i suppose nowadays people will say we are all racist. i hope not, but you cannot help who you are attracted to , can you? when i first came out i was very attracted to white guys. maybe because they are such a novelty to me. but also i do like their look. the men have such lovely eyes , so many different colours and have such nice shapes.

  i mean if u want to be very strict about it, all gay guys who like men, are sexist because we like men and not women. but also our sexual preferences can change, i mean not that gay guys turn straight, or vice versa, though that happens… more the vice versa bit, straight guys turn gay… but also my liking of whites have also spread out and i like other races too, other chinese, malays, indians, etc. so i guess people change and their tastes changes.

but anyway i happen to be in brixton this morning and looking around and saw a pub there which is weatherspoons, and looking at the menu i was struck at how much cheaper it was than the one in charing cross road. it just shows that if u move out of central london u get better value for your money in terms of places to eat and pubs in particular. 

the guy who organised the meetup, david, told me that his boyfriend had bought a £1 2017 calendar in brixton. dont really recall why that came up but it intrigued me because i thought it is impossible to get one at that price. well in brixton this morning i was browsing the £1 shop , poundland, and saw it. very nice it was too. and lots of choices. and i saw an article in the daily mail today saying poundland have made a series of adverts that they will show , and surprising people at how posh the goods are and all at £1. 


but i remembered i allready have got a calendar i made for myself all ready for 2017. it is a 2016 big calendar given to me which i kept because of its size. i think it is rare to find such a big size calendar. my friend knows me better than i know myself. at first i did not appreciate the size. 

i think it just goes to show u dont really need to buy these things. the one i made is more useful to me, because it is custom made. added.9.33am 7.5C saturday 3.12.16 actually i have since found out there are lots of these A3 (46cm x 30cm)calendars. costing about £15 if featuring a well known face. 

added this link to all the gay clubs and bars that have closed since 2000 is a real exercise in nostalgia for me. u need to scroll down quite a way to find the list.

added.6.07pm i have been using an old calendar from 2006. repasting and replacing the old  grid i drew on A4  paper (21cm x 30cm)as each year passes and without realising it , i have done it 10times so that calendar has served its purpose all these years and lasted 10yrs. its quite amazing now i think of it. the 10yrs seem to have gone very quick. i was reading this article about a hubble advent calendar where this person will post a new picture of the cosmos everyday till christmas, and i realised today is the first day of my advent calendar. so i opened the 1st box. and there was a nice piece of choc with a christmas tree printed on it. does it mean every day there will be chocolate? oh joy!

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2 Responses to “a nice sunny day”

  1. Sarah M Friday December 2, 2016 at 8:53 am #

    I’m not sure when it became racist to specify an attraction for a particular type of person but there are always people looking to be outraged by something. When I said I wanted a man to be taller than me I got called out as racist (because, I”m guessing, not too many Chinese men would be taller than me).
    But tastes do change over time, you’re right.

    • alifesgayventure Friday December 2, 2016 at 9:08 am #

      i think it began when people disliked seeing profiles where they state bluntly no fems, no asians, no blacks, no fats, etc. personally i think those people signals what kind of people they are and makes it easy to avoid them. in that sense it is a good thing. but in a free world, they should be allowed to state their preferences and not to be subjected to name calling. when it comes to sexual preferences, people should be allowed to exclude as well as include. of course it is not nice when someone rejects u simply because of your race, but the other side of the coin is you get lots who prefer u because of your race. so its swings and roundabouts really.

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