growing old gracefully

3 Dec

london 7.36pm 6.1C dry saturday 2016

now and then i get this feeling that i should be more focused and targetted and have goals, and ambitions to save the world , or something. i potter about around my corner of london, and have some kind of routine, which i dont necessarily follow slavishly but it is there, even if in a very loose way.

but so many times we are told we must have goals and it is not done to go through life without any, and not to waste your life. deep down i know there is something wrong about that idea. but cant quite refute it in a logical well thought out way. but deep down i dont believe it. i dont think we constantly have to strive to achieve things. and to keep having more and more goals as soon as one set is used up. but that idea is ingrained quite deep inside us… and that  is why now and then i get this feeling that i should be doing more.

and also i am wondering if it is sign of old age. we dont get adventurous when we get old. that is a generalisation but there might be a grain of truth there. certainly we see in a town, old men and women just contented to sit in the sun, (if they live in europe) or in the shade if they live in the tropics, just doing nothing, or just dozing. and this is quite prevalent among the old. (of course, you can see the odd active old person, but somehow you feel the operative word is ‘odd’. haha. and you kind of suspect that person will soon slow down as they cannot keep up that pace for long. )

 while the young are fretting in the village because they complain there is nothing to do, and so they all drift off to the city where they can do things to their hearts content.

certainly i know when i was young, i want to do things, and not quite content to just do nothing. i would take the slightest excuse to go out and do things. sigh, how nice to be young … that is the best thing about being young. everything is new and exciting. haha.

ah well, one must get used to growing old i guess. i do enjoy it. my life is very nice now. when u get old you have ambivalent feelings. you want some excitement or think you do. but at the same time u dont really want any. and so u kind of want to stick with the status quo, where nothing happens. just pottering around in a routine.

and sometimes laughing at some movie or other. like this one i am half seeing now on tv. police academy 2. and they are all old movies, have you noticed. nothing new (new movies i mean) have made me laugh out loud. 




2 Responses to “growing old gracefully”

  1. MELewis Sunday December 4, 2016 at 7:06 am #

    At what age is one ‘old’? It used to be 60, then 70, now perhaps 80? I think it is not a number so much as an attitude. Goals give us a sense of purpose and that keeps us young. At least that’s my point of view at almost 60.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday December 4, 2016 at 8:44 am #

      there might be two schools of thought here. one is envisioned in that poem, do not go gentle into that good night. and the other is one who is contented and to let the world go by without them. most of us oscillates between the two. and perhaps the happy medium is the one to aim for.

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