old technology

4 Dec

london 2.59pm 9C sunny blue sky sunday 2016

9.37pm 4.2C dry. quite warm actually, when u consider it is quite late at night. but i noticed the lowest temperature seems to come at about 7am in the morning. a bit topsy turvy dont you think? logically i would have thought the cold would be around midnight. but then again, they say the coldest is just before sunrise.

its a bit of going back in time for me today. the daily mail was giving away a free cd of christmas songs, so i got one, but it did not seem to work in my old cd player. it could not read the cd. even the tuner did not seem to work as i could not get a radio station. i wonder if they have changed the whole frequency range for the radio to some other frequency. it could happen. nowadays everything is in flux, and frequencies are made obsolete or taken over for mobile usage. i have not played my radio for such a long time, i forgot when i last played anything on it. and now i have lost it. quite true what they said … use it or lose it.

hang on, i just remembered i can get radio on my tv. i am not a radio person. so i hardly ever go in there to listen.

and i have given away my old windows vista laptop, and so i cannot use its cd player. my chrome has no cd player.

so now we have all our cds, and dvds quite useless as nothing in the flat can play them. in fact, we have thrown away all the dvds. and also my  classical cds. imagine , a huge chunk of my past is gone and not playable. ah well, just as well i am not really into music. i can get all the christmas songs i want from youtube. if fact, any music i can get from youtube now. oh green lantern is coming on channel 5. 

added. 2.45pm monday 5.12.16 the film green lantern got its terrestial tv premier yesterday. i see it just to see ryan reynolds. haha. the film itself is run of the mill.



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