people are still buying dvds

6 Dec

london 1.38pm 10.6C foggy tuesday 2016

i thought no one buys dvds anymore. but just now , in the library, i saw the latest copy of timeout and inside is this advert by sainsbury for two dvd series. agent carter £16, and jessica jones £18. who is jessica jones i wonder. she is in netflix and that is why i dont know of her. 

the other picture is of an advert from skycinema, who gave me that free advent calendar with all those chocolates, and it is the first time i realise that at the back of each flap there is  featured the film for that day. well, i never, as they say.i have been opening those flaps but never thought of seeing what lies behind them. not that it matters really as i dont watch sky cinema.

added. 8.45am 11.8C sunny wednesday 7.12.16 i thought i was showing my ignorance when i was surprised that people were still buying dvds. everyone reading it must have thought of course they are , after all that is what evryone who buys the latest single , or album and not want to download it, will be buying in that format. and here was me thinking the future have arrived and everyone downloads music now. until i read this article this morning that sales of vinyl has surpassed downloads. it looks like you cannot predict what people will do. many of those who buy the vinyl have not even listened to it. 


However, it seems a significant number of buyers see them as decoration or a fashion accessory. A poll earlier this year found that 41 per cent of people who bought a vinyl LP or single have not listened to it.

 added. 1.09pm 14.7C cloudy 7.12.16 wednesday . statistics show only half the story. regarding that vinyl story, 2.1million LPs sold, compared with 26million digital downloads. the reason is that vinyls are very expensive, £50 or more per LP each. also it seems spotify allows u to hear music free, so that has affected people spending money on digital music downloads. 

added 7.28am 6.1C monday 12.12.16 i have been puzzled why so many people seem to be willing to pay so much for  vinyl at £50 and this person explains it. they were buying new re-issue  packages on vinyl of old hits of dead artists or past hits by old artists if they are still living;  no one is buying new release of singles or LPs (long playing) on vinyl, because they are non existent. it is just old dads getting nostalgia kicks and trying to recapture their younger selfs.

added 8.15pm 28.12.16 wednesday 3.7C . been watching mary portas in ‘what britain bought in 2016 ‘ and she mentioned that time when vinyl sales exceeded digital sales (in terms of money ) lasted only 1wk. so really not a revival really. 

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