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7 Dec

london 7.58pm 12.5C wednesday 2016 . rather mild and rather high temperature listed by that weather website. high of 14.8C  briefly at 1.12pm. cloudy

i have agreed a new package with my internet provider, and phone company talktalk. but today, i having trouble getting online. hmm, i wonder what is wrong. have i got hacked i wonder? the signal comes and goes and it connects me sometimes, sometimes not. so maybe it is going through the changeover to the new package. ah well, we shall see.

luckily my tv is not depandant on it. it is only needed if we want to watch catchup tv. otherwise the tv signals come from the aerial and is not reliant on broadband. you might say why have broadband then? simon likes to watch his soccer , and his snooker on catch up when he gets back from work, or after waking up from his shift work. and catchup tv needs that broadband connection.and of course i like being able to get online whenever i like.

simon bought something and told me yesterday it will be delivered today and to watch out for it. but this morning i clean forgot about it and went about my routine. luckily the courier did not come till about 2.30pm, when i was allready back and preparing my lunch. just fried rice with cabbage and egg. quite a simple lunch. but i was rather glad that i caught that courier. when i heard his ring, i knew it was him and let him in. usually i ignore these callers. it is a heavy package. i think simon told me what it was, but i forgot. (added. 3.18pm thurs 8.12.16. it is his car battery.)i was thinking how people who go out to work cope with these postal deliveries of stuff they order online. they cant all have people like me who can hang around the flat waiting for them, can they? and it seems it is luck if you are in to get it when they call. i consider this one time when i am in ,as my soul wanting it. 


i have just been to the new sainsburys in nine elms. i went to buy milkpowder. i went earlier to the pimlico branch and there was no sign of it. i was worried that they have stopped production of it, but the website still features it so it must be just that branch not stocking it. luckily this new sainsbury superstore in nine elms got lots of it, so i bought 3 packs at £1.40 each. still the same price and amount. 

 it is on the first floor, with a huge car park on the ground floor of that building. with a starbucks at the foot of the escalators. the supermarket occupies the whole first floor, with corners given to argos, habitat, a cafe, and a section given to clothing, household goods, electric stuff.

interestingly today the daily mail featured a article saying u can get a free refill in starbucks if u order their filter coffee , £1.55, 25p off if u bring your own mug. and the refill is for a tall filter coffee. good value that if the barista allows you. it seems it is up to his discretion. but people nowadays dont like filter coffee. they want latte, cappuccino, and all the named drinks.

there dont seem to be many people when i went there, at about 3pm. such a vast space with so many checkout counters, only a few were working as the place was quiet and not busy. 

i read online that trump has been featured as  person of the year in Time magazine. ( i am surprised they allow it to be read online)of course, he is the only logical person for it. there is no doubt he is person of the year. you might not like his politics, but he is elected and will be the next president of the united states.

it is just like brexit, you might not like it, but it will go ahead. and parliament today has voted by a huge majority to let the govt go ahead with triggering article 50 in march next year. so it might side step the currant appeal in the high court going on now to appeal the ruling that parliament have to vote on it. well they have effectively done so today. 




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