more ways to get fooled by hacks

9 Dec

london 7.56am 13.3C (is this mild or what!!) friday 2016

i got this from my overspill in my wordpress reader. it was talking of a worm that warns you your phone is 28.1% damaged and says download this google app and it will clean up your phone.

the writer of the article  says ‘As any user of Android will tell you updates from Google are non existent, and anything that could infect your phone, well is pretty much your problem’.

well, that is news to me, but then i am not a smartphone user, but i am so used to chrome automatically upgrading and correcting my chromebook, i assume android , being owned by google will also do so. but i have to admit i got fooled when i read that instruction to download the worm. it looks so authentic. i am glad i dont have a smartphone so dont have to deal with all this. and what if it infects all the devices that are connected with it now that google allows you to synch every device u have together with each other?

and this bbc article says talktalk instructions to us not to worry about changing our password is astonishing. i dont agree with that article actually. they feature in the photo the same router as my old one. i was not hacked in that it worked and i did not lose my broadband. but it seems it is vulnerable. one wonders whether it could be used as part of that internet of things (IOT) that has been used to bring down websites. mine is not on all the time, which kind of sidestepped the whole issue really. seems to me they should be advising everyone to switch it off if they are not using it for a long period.  

hmm, i got a new router from talk talk when i got this new package with them. so they are gradually changing the router anyway. i can understand them not telling everyone to change their password. i bet they dont want to trigger that and having to deal with lots of us novices attempting to change our passwords and messing the whole thing up. leading to a lot of irate customers, creating this problem that will be quite difficult to solve online. 

even now i dont know how to change my password. i just use the one printed on the router itself. this new router i got dont have anything printed on it to tell me what the password is. i have to rely on a card sent with it. lose that card and you are in trouble. so i make sure i copy that password in my telephone book and in a file in my chrome drive.

i think talk talk is just being practical, and not blanket call everyone to change their password. after all, i was not hacked, so to disrupt so many of us just to correct those few that got hacked… seems rather an over reaction. and even if they say those people have their information taken, what can those hackers do with it? nothing… really . it is not sensitive info like bank accounts is it? none of that is in the router. why should it?

talktalk has this really useful chat line when u log onto your account online. you can actually chat (by that i mean write messages) to someone in the company who will answer your queries and even change packages, and discuss what is best for you). i like that.

i was thinking if u get  a phone call from someone saying they are from talktalk, you could log onto your account and ask them did u send someone to talk to me on the phone? and verify it. 


no one shouted at  tesco bank when it had so many of its customers having money withdrawn from their accounts by hackers. that is serious…money was stolen from accounts. is that serious or not? but they all kept quiet and no one condemns tesco bank for poor security to allow it to happen. will tesco bank be fined heavily for it? i bet not. so why all this shouting over talktalk handling this? sounds these media are biased.

lets face it, if u are foolish nowadays to give your bank account details to some one on the phone who just ask you for it, you are a real fool, and deserve to be parted from your money. there is no hope for you. kick yourself hard and go and stand at that corner with a dunce cap on your head.

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