good habits

10 Dec

london 9.53am 13.4C cloudy saturday 2016. its really mild weather we are getting now.

i check my daily usage of electricity everyday by reading the meter and noting it down. this morning i was puzzled when i found we had used 7.3 kwh for yesterday. usually we use 2-3kwh a day.

the night before at about 11pm i took a reading and so comparing it with the reading this morning i could calculate that it seems we have used 3kwh overnight. i thought simon had come back from his shift work and did some cooking. or someone is stealing the electricity. then i saw the meter wheel whirling like crazy, whizzing around like mad. some gadget is using a lot of electricity. then i noticed it in the kitchen. the little top oven was set at 150C. and the light to show it is on is lit up.i immediately switched it off.

 the trouble was the marker on the dial is the same colour so it is difficult to see it moved from its usual top position when off. it seems simon had left it on when he left last night to work. and it had been on all night. switching itself on and off . that is why i did not notice it when i was in the kitchen last night. i was doing the laundry.

(i had a clue to this last night because i took a reading at about 11pm, and it was high. it was 4kwh used.  it should have alerted me to it. but i thought it was simon’s cooking… he does use up a lot of electricity when he cooks, and i had been doing the laundry too so it could add to it).

when the oven is off the light goes off too, and there is no way of noticing it. hmm, so i took a red marker pen and dotted all the cooker control buttons. that would make sure i notice if they are out of alignment and can know if anyone of them is on.

it makes me wonder if all those old people who keep saying they cannot afford the electric bills, or gas bills, may have inadventently left their appliances on all day. i know i am forgetful. and it seems simon is too. and even a person as alert as i am to these things can find it happening.

 (once i found the grill on, with the oven door closed, and was only alerted to it because it gave off a strong smell of burning. simon has forgotten to switch it off and closed the front oven door on it. when grilling we use the top oven, and u are supposed to keep the oven door open for that. lucky i was in and even then i was about to go out when i smelt that burning smell… because simon had gone to sleep). i mentioned it to him and i thnk that might be why he used the oven function instead . which turns out to be quite a good thing, at least the oven being on is part of its function. all we waste is electricity instead of getting  a fire.)

i must tell him to use the timer function everytime if he uses the oven. that way even if he forgets to switch it off, the timer will do it. i think if we all create good habits, like always use the oven timer, it might not be a bad thing. good safety habits pays off in the long run, because it will cut off accidents before it happens.

u hear of the phrase, an accident waiting to happen. well if u keep doing those bad habits behaviour, ( and u might not even be aware of them) maybe 9 out of 10 times u can get away with it, but u just have to come to the 1 in 10 and its curtains for you.

this reminds me of bad habits that cyclists or motorists do when they are on the road. and when i see it i say to myself that person is on the road to death . one day death will catch up with him/her.

i saw this woman with long white hair, on her bike and she just cycled across the road to the other side without looking back even. i can guess that she think she is cycling in the middle of the road, so no need to look back as everyone should be able to see her. a very false premise. she wasn’t in the middle of the road but to one side… any car could have lots of space to overtake her, and would as she never signaled even that she wants to cross the street… i think if she had developed a good habit of signalling wiht her hand everytime, nevermind looking back, because looking back and needing to twist the body to do so might be too much for an old person… just signalling without looking back is sufficient to warn anyone behind her not to overtake as it signals her intention clearly. i remember exclaiming in shock when she just cycled across in front of the bus i was in, i was sitting in the front on the top deck and got a clear birds eye view; without looking back or signalling, and mentally thinking that women will one day die from this.

anyway one day i read in the papers that she got involved in an accident on her bike and died. it was quite a few years since that time i saw her . so even with that bad habit of hers she survived quite a long time. living on borrowed time i think. most drivers saw her and avoided her, so that she lived in spite of herself; until that one time when a driver did not see her. 

the papers were as usual full of condolences and shouting out for more bike lanes and ‘something must be done’ sort of call … but i was secretly thinking well all those times when she did not cultivate a good habit of signalling her intentions may well have contributed to her death. the sad thing about it was no one told her about it, (we who see the near misses could not have stopped her and told her about it), and she obviously never saw the abrupt braking of the traffic behind her and the avoiding action and the near misses she generated and so she carried on without realising she had been dicing with death . 

you hear of cyclists  always complaining  it is impatient drivers honking them. let me say to the cyclist who think they are so good that if they constantly hear squealing brakes and curses following them, it might be their bad habits that is causing this, and the cyclist is not aware of it. heed them and examine your behaviour…the life it saves may be your own.

good habits are so important to cultivate and make a part of you so u do it without needing to think. it can save your life.

Digital StillCamera

i think it rather bad design that the knob marks are so invisible. now i have red marked them , i hope that kind of accidentally  leaving them on wont happen.


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