cashless society and drab black clothes

11 Dec

london 5.56am 6.6C dry. sunday 2016

ever wondered what it is like to be a cashless society? well, india is going to show you. govt is trying to force people to go cashless. trouble is it has not got the infrastructure set up for it. unlike here in uk, where most people got some kind of card that can let them pay small sums of money without needing identification. once the buses and tubes show the way, it makes people familiar with how it works and become more willing to try it for other transactions. even so, there will be people like me who resist going cashless. and fortunately for me, the govt is willing to give us the choice. in india you dont have the choice. as seen in this article about goa fish sellers, who are losing out because their customers dont have cash.

then there is this article about london’s hotels fully booked for christmas and new year. the tourists like coming to uk, because the low £ make their money go a long way. usually christmas is a quiet time for hotels, nothing is opened on christmas day so tourists avoid that. butnot this year it seems. though what are they going to do during the christmas period? that period between christmas and the new year. this year christmas falls on a sunday… i wonder how are people going to go to the church services as there will be no public transport. it might mean people will just walk to their local churches and leave st paul’s, and westminster cathedral empty … haha. 

i was on the bus along regent st yesterday around 1pm, and the pavement was absolutely crowded with people. but they were not carrying shopping bags. in the past, u see such crowds and many of them will be carrying many  colourful shopping bags . this time you can see a sea of black, as so many of them wear black clothing…and seemingly not a colourful shopping bag in sight to relieve that sea of black;  and all those black clothing, quite drab looking ones at that, which is in such stark contrast to the clothes u see in the shop windows.

oh i just have a thought, now we have to pay for our shopping bags in the supermarkets, does that policy extend to clothes shops and they are charging? that might account for no shopping bags seen. people are just putting all their purchases in their backpacks or in just one bag.

i was wondering how come all these shoppers are not dressed nicer? if people are buying all those clothes we see hanging in the shop windows, how come none of them are wearing them out in the street? are they saving those fancy clothes for special occasions only? 

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