apple’s airpod is coming to apple stores on dec 21st

14 Dec

9.33am 11.2C sunny/cloudy wednesday 2016

i got notice of it from my wordpress reader via overspill. it is strange that i should be interested in this… because i dont have an apple iphone, nevermind the latest one that has no earphone jack and uses these airpods that have been delayed in their production by a few months. from what i read they are very sophisticated things. but at $159 a pop, very expensive. i guess men like gadgets. do women feel as excited about it as men? or is it just me?

even though practical me would not buy them. i have found so many ordinary earspeakers all over the place, i got a collection of them now. they can be used for my chrome book and allows me to listen without making a noise in the library. the fact that they are so easy to lose, must make anyone thinking of buying these airpods pause. how would u feel if u lose it? that is like throwing away £159. (which i think will be the likely cost in the uk ). with the £ so low, it might even be £200. though for it to work  a person would have to own one of those new iphones which cost £800 a pop, ( i cannot find any price for the latest iphone7, so i am only guessing the price)or more, so i guess spending another £200 might not bother them too much.

 added. 7.13pm 14.1C dark dry. its quite mild in london. watching the gadget show on bbc1 tv and the winner is the backpack massager, £23. quite a useless thing, but those addicted to gadgets might like it for christmas. haha. 


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