hooray for wordpress

16 Dec

london 4.17pm 10.5C cloudy dry friday 2016

i read the post by wordpress, in my wordpress reader,of their 2016 year in review  and it reminds me how very grateful i am that they are here. i dont suppose people say to them how much they are appreciated. well i am saying it now. haha. it is such a wonderful platform to blog. everything works well, and seamlessly, even to people like me who are not really into the nuts and bolts of keeping up all the finer things that you can play with in the site to jiggle your blog to as much custom make as you want it. the best thing is the sense of community. 

i got a turkey from tesco today. it is a free one that i redeemed with my daily mail points. it is 3.4kg, a frozen one, usually £9. now i am debating how to cook it. it would be nice to have it roasted, but i think i am not equal to the task. unless i cut it into two and roast half. that might make it more like roasting a chicken. and the other half i shall make into a curry. i was surprised to see tesco selling cauliflower, carrots , parsnips , potatoes all for 39p per pack. makes me want to roast them.

i pass by the weatherspoons in victoria and was surprised they are open and full of people it was about lunch time, but there were so much scaffolding hiding the entrance, that looking at it from afar i had thought it was closed. but today i happen to walk under all that scaffolding and saw the entrance , and all those people inside. there was no sign outside to say open, business as usual, to let people know. i am glad they are still open, even open on boxing day and everyday except christmas.

i read their opening hours and i have forgotten if they open at christmas or not. my memory is not as it was. they have a christmas menu, so some of their pubs open on christmas day. i was reminded of my memory and words that affected me strangely when i heard them recited by the marriage registrar as she spoke on our wedding … it brought tears to my eyes. and moved me.

today i read this in my wordpress… an article by patti smith about that day when she sang bob dylans’ song at the nobel prize ceremony. read it and then see her performance. and here is the link to the lyrics of the song. it is a very long song. and seeing her performance, that stumble of hers, makes the song more poignant and moving. she is 70yrs old, and after myself being a bit anxious about not able to repeat after the registrar the marriage vows, i can really feel for her. i think she made the performance very moving… and really shows how fitting and appropriate bob dylan deserve that nobel prize for literature. 

added. 8.37pm 10.8C i went to google his other songs, and their lyrics. and came across this one, girl from the north country with a line or two that was very familiar. where have i heard it before? 

Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine

its simon and garfuncle’s scarborough fair, isn’t it? the song here.now who wrote that first i wonder? its a lovely haunting song.


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