closing for christmas

17 Dec

london 8.52am 7.5C misty saturday 2016

i was at the pimlico library yesterday and saw a notice saying they will be closed from 21dec to 2jan. that is a long closure. but  not all the libraries close for such a  long time. the pimlico library is attached to the pimlico academy, and the school closes for that period.

 the mayfair library when we were there for the wedding, closes only over the christmas , 24th – 27th dec.

but it seems the country on the whole is closing for business from today. offices are closed from now till 2jan.

retailers will of course stay open , except for christmas day… i wonder if the supermarkets stay open… i cannot remember. i assume they will close as there wont be any public transport on that day.

i googled it and it says all sainsburys stores will be closed on christmas day… but what about the one near me? it is always open, up to 11pm, even on sundays. so will it be opened? i must remember to take a look at their opening times when i next walk past it. these small stores have different laws apply to them… they are considered convenience stores and operate like corner stores. we here dont have the kind of 7/11 stores that are so common in… like in bangkok with its 7/11 stores that are open 24 hrs.

but i think all stores will be closed on christmas day. so that is one time when you cannot buy groceries. its not a big deal. in the past i can remember we have to make sure we stock up good, because the stores are closed for a longer period. not anymore. thank goodness. 

there will be lots of strikes happening over christmas. the railway dispute still goes on, so that will stop the railways… though with hardly any businesses open over the christmas, it would not be that disruptive. what is disruptive is the strike by BA staff… and airport staff. more misery for those who are flying off lastminute. 

its very misty out there. this link to the live webcam showing trafalgar square. u can enjoy the view of the square from wherever you are in the world. it’s 9.21am and there is no one in the square at all. just buses passing by.


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