a new hoover

19 Dec

london 9.56am 7.5C cloudy monday 2016

i read a blog this morning that says all m&S (mark and spencer ) international stores will close. the guy is in holland and showed a picture of the store in dan hag . i remember malaysia have its M&S stores and wondered if that will close too. so that brand name stores are quite familiar to us living overseas, and they are more so if u live in uk.

i know them as being good for food. esp ready to eat foods. they are very tempting.

their clothes division is not doing well that is why they are making all these cuts.

this news actually is quite old, it came out in november. but did not impinge on me till now. they are now concentrating on their food outlets. M&S is one of the names that is familiar to me during my time in london. i dont shop there though. but it was quite famous for its underwear during my hey day. in those days, people just bought white y-fronts. now we all want more colourful underwear. and in those days their clothes were accepted and known to be solidly made and good quality , classic styles.

but i think people are wanting more excitement in their clothes these days… more fashionable but cheap. so they can wear for a season and cheap to just throw it aside when the fashion moves on. 

and of course it has always been famous for its food. they were the ones who made  ready to eat foods so popular.

i think online shopping is changing the whole retail scene. just look at simon, in these few days he had bought an oven and then a hoover vacuum cleaner all done online.

12.40pm and just now i heard my doorbell buzz and it was the delivery man, with that hoover. it is really the brand name, too. i did not know that company still exists. i thought simon told me it will be delivered next week. but i guess they are all thinking everyone will want it before christmas. the courier system must be really good if they can do all that delivery in such a quick time. no wonder people prefer to buy online. how can retail stores compete? they just cannot. they have every reason to be worried about their business. last night simon said he was going to his mum’s. so i thought he will be there for a few days. but this morning i saw him in bed with me. he must have come back when i was asleep. he is nice to  not wake me up. i do like my sleep haha. i hope the fact he is back before planned does not mean he had a quarrel with his mother. she was not too happy at hearing he has married me. it seems what he thought she had threatened to do and done, to cut him out of her will, she had reinstated him without telling him. now she says she will have to rewrite her will. it all sounds silly to me, but then that is what people are like isn’t it? esp parents with children and favouring one child over another as to who to leave their property and money. 

usually i will be out, in the library. i used to go there first thing when it opens. but i have changed my habit and maybe just as well. for bulky items like this it is nice to have it delivered to the house. but it will be very frustrating if no one is in to open the door to it and then have to rearrange another delivery or something. 

found a link to that model here. about £79. a bagless vacuum, thank goodness because i cant stand those that need  bags, which are very costly. 

added. 9.59am 6.3C sunny tuesday 20.12.16

i realised why i dont like buying new appliances. u have to assemble them and it can be a real pain. as we found out with this one. there was one part, the handle, that they did not pack , and there is one part that dont seem to fit anywhere.

this reminds me that i like getting ikea stuff that is recycled. because they are all fitted allready. if u buy new from ikea they all come in bits and u have to assemble them. it can be a real pain. 



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